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In a hangar, the body of Nassar is prepared for a traditional Muslim burial. He is being loaded on to a helicopter. 

Seth is giving a press conference about the Congressional election. A reporter questions the death of Majid Nassar.Aaron and Emily barge into Kirkman's office. He tells them he told Seth to go with honesty if the question came up.

Kirkman wants to know what's going on with the investigation. 

At the FBi Office, Hannah is looking through the folder the CIA guy gave her. Jason comes into the office trying to act normal. Hannah comes into his office. She can tell in his eyes there's something wrong. Jason gets a call from the woman. Hannah leaves.

Hookstraten is back. She's meeting with Kirkman. Aaron comes in with a rep from the CDC...there is a biorterrorist attack on the Midwest which they originally thought was the flu.

They meet with the President. It's Ricin.

Mike is walking Leo to school. He's accosted by a reporter who asks about the rumor of who is his real dad.

Jason gets another phone call from the woman. He's ordered to go to his car. Hannah follows. Jason goes to some abandoned warehouse.

Hannah follows him inside. One of their guys sees Hannah.

Tom is talking to Alex. Leo shows up and asks tom if he's his real dad. He left school for that. Whatever. Seriously? Why would he even question this. OMG. So flipping LAME.

Just as things get heavy, he gets a call about the CDC. The attack is on the election itself as the ricin was only found in polling places.

They have 17 hours to save the election. Kirkman asks Seth about the daddy question reporter.

Hannah leaves the warehouse.  He gets a call from her buddy and he tells her about the Wettle case which is related to Jason. Jason's phone can't be found then it is.

Seth asks his reporter lady friend about the guy questioning Leo.

Jason gets into the White House. Hannah doesn't. He meets with Kirkman. Jason admits to killing Nassar. This is what he's being forced to say by the woman.

Is Kirkman really going to believe it? Atwood is arrested. 

Aaron confirms the toxicology report about what killed Nassar. Kirkman doesn't believe it. More information about the CDC case comes in. They found the guy who created the Ricin. The guy is affiliated with a national militia. One of the ricin victims just died. Kirkman can't handle it.

The paternity reporter meets with Seth. He finds out that Lisa gave the young reporter the tip. 

Hannah is looking at pictures she took. No matches on the woman. Hannah gets a phone call from Aaron to talk about Nassar.

Emily and Aaron don't want to postpone the election. Kirkman does.

Why does the militia want to kill people who are voting? Makes no sense.

Alex gives tom the DNA results. Leo wants to talk to him. This subplot needs to go away.

Kirkman talks to Leo about being his son. Leo knows he hasn't opened the DNA test. He gives Leo the DNA test. Oh brother. Leo doesn't open it. He leaves to finish his homework.

Kirkman attends a press conference. He gives a riveting speech about civic duty and voting. The elections are going forward.

Kirkman meets with Hookstraten and MacLeish about Atwood's confession.

Seth and Lisa get into an argument about the Leo story.

Just as Hannah is meeting with Aaron she gets a text telling her not to say anything. Hannah goes along with it.

She has the guy trace the text. It's a phone number.

Mike and Leo talk about real dads.

It's the morning and everyone is headed out to vote.  When they get to the polling place, it's nearly empty. His speech wasn't very inspirational at all, apparently.

Back at home, he's very disappointed. He and Alex talk about the election. Leo comes in and gives Kirkman the unopened DNA results back. He knows who his father is. But, not that they've opened the can of worms, can we find out who the dad really is. 

Kirkman meets his people and sees a record turn out thanks to Kirkman showing up to vote.

Seth takes Kirkman to Lisa and he gives her the DNA test. He is the biological father. Seth makes it clear that he is no longer romantically interested in Seth.

Hannah calls the number. It's the number from the woman who called her originally about the room. She tells her to look into 11:14 p.m.

MacLeish visits with Hookstraten to tell him he won't be supporting Hookstraten if she goes forward with a Nassar investigation. Hookstraten talks about taking Kirkman down.

MacLeish leaves and meets with the Jason woman. He's obviously being blackmailed as well. 



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I believe our country is only as strong as our journalists. I expect you to keep us honest.


We know Kirkman can't get out of his own way.