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A deadly flu virus makes its way across Louisiana, President Kirkman tries to find the best way to handle the public health crisis. He sends disease expert Dr. Tammy Bruner to the epicenter of those infected. Tammy suggests to Kirkman that a private pharmaceutical company has an experimental vaccine that could provide a cure for the disease and save lives. Kirkman gets the CEO of the pharmaceutical company to agree to provide 10,000 vials to the government for use. 

Meanwhile, new White House counsel Kendra Danes negotiates a meeting between civil rights groups, as the parties argue about whether a statue of a confederate general should be removed from a federal building. In a surprise to all, civil rights activist Reverend Dale states he does not want the statue moved, but ultimately agrees to Danes' offer.

Danes is forced to focus her attention away from the statue debate when President Kirkman is made aware that the pharmaceutical company has gone back on their word and has sold their life-saving drug to a rich county in Louisiana. Danes argues in court that since they are experiencing a public health emergency, the President gets to say where the drugs go, and in this case, the poorer county has 95% of the infected cases. The judge agrees, but the White House learns that the company CEO kept more of the drug from them, and Kirkman is forced to use public shaming to get him to cooperate. 

Hannah and Damian start looking into why Patrick Lloyd broke into the home of the First Lady's mother. They find that he left a medical record that points to the FIrst Lady's mom using her former job to get her husband a heart transplant. 


Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Lyor: Seth is good.
Emily: Yep.
Lyor: The virus is better.
Emily: Yep.

There are times in our society when we have to act in faith on behalf of the greater good. And, unfortunately this is one of them.