Gabrielle plans a farewell party for Carlos before he leaves for jail for eight months.  George Williams (Roger Bart) resurfaces in Bree's life.  Lynette is shocked to learn Tom's old girlfriend Annabel Foster (Melina McGraw) has been hired as his firm.  Zach continues to stalk Susan's daughter, Julie.  Paul interrogates Edie about breaking into his house.  Mike tries to separate Susan from Mary Alice's secrets.  Gabrielle thinks she's pregnant.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Edie: When I feel threatened by a woman, I pull her in, I make her my best friend.
Lynette: I thought you said you didn't have any female friends.
Edie: I don't. And I've never felt threatened by a woman either. But the point is, keep your friends close...
Lynette: ...Keep your enemies closer

Father Crowley: You're pregnant?
Gabrielle: Yes and it's impossible. I'm on the pill which I know you probably think is a sin but it's a 99.9 per cent effective sin.
Father Crowley: Maybe it's in the 1 per cent that God resides.
Gabrielle: You just couldn't wait to throw that in, could you?