Carolyn holds up a supermarket while Lynette, Edie, Nora, Austin and Julie get trapped inside.  Gabrielle and Carlos' war reaches a climax.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Mary Alice: (voiceover) Lynette Scavo had a dream that night. It was one she had many times before...
Lynette: Hey, Mary Alice! Are you okay?
Mary Alice: (reading the blackmail note) Yes, thank you. I'm fine.
Lynette: OK! I'll see you later.
Mary Alice: (voiceover)... but this night something changed.
Lynette: (walks towards her) No, you're not. I can tell. Please, tell me what's wrong. Let me save you.
Mary Alice: You can't.
Lynette: Why not?
Mary Alice: Sweetie, we can't prevent what we can't predict.
Lynette: Isn't there anything I can do?
Mary Alice: Yes, you can enjoy this beautiful day. We get so few of them.
(Lynette looks at the sky and smiles. But when she turns around, Mary Alice is gone.)
Mary Alice: (voiceover) This was the last time Lynette would ever dream of me. And for her sake, I'm grateful.

Susan: I can't leave Julie right now.
Ian: We'll take her with us.
Susan: Oh, that's responsible parenting. "Stealing whiskey? That's it young lady. I'm taking you to Paris"!