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The drama continues this week as we get back to the present day lives of the ladies on the Lane.

Nick and Angie get a visit from their past, and Patrick Logan – also dubbed as “The Terrorist”.  We learn that Nick was actually an agent working against Nick who decided to take care of Angie and her child, Danny, to keep them from harm. 

Logan’s plan for revenge is just getting started as he runs over Nick with his car, and later blackmails Angie to help with his dark vengeful plot while Nick, who thinks Angie and Danny have escaped for safety, recovers in the hospital.

Killer Eddie has joined the Schaivo family, and has taken on the role of protecting Lynette from her disrespectful children and husband.  When Parker gets mouthy to his mother over not wanting to help with the laundry, Eddie violently attacks him. 

Later, Eddie nearly loses his cool when Tom comes home upset that there is no dinner waiting for him.  Lynette decides that Eddie needs to talk to a therapist about his anger, who recommends that Eddie’s mother join them.  Lynette goes to Eddie’s home to seek out Barbara and learns from a neighbor that she has not been seen for days.

Gaby surprises Carlos with a proposition for afternoon sex, but is denied when Carlos calls her out for wanting something from him. 

Indeed she does - a ski home in Aspen.  He tells her no because their funds are tied up in other things.  She gets suspicious about what Carlos has done with “their money”, and goes to their business manager to get the scoop.  After Gaby assists him with grabbing her ass, so that she can tell Carlos on him, he admits that Carlos has loaned $50,000 to one of their neighbors because they are broke.

Over at the neighbors, Susan and Mike have inherited a Yamaha piano from Susan’s dead aunt, and Susan decides that she wants to flaunt how much it “cost” to Gaby.  Mike, uncomfortable with this, asks her not to. 

Gaby, secretly knowing that Susan and Mike are flat broke, brings them pity groceries, and sees the piano Susan “bought”.  Gaby confronts Susan about the money on loan from Carlos, and to her surprise finds out that Susan has been in the dark on this one. 

Together, they come up with a plot to embarrass both of their men and bring the truth to the surface. 

Bree and Sam run into an unknown someone from Sam’s past at the grocery store who Bree later finds out is Sam’s (dead) mother. 

The mystery mom tells Bree that Rex, had sent a letter to her to offer to provide a better life for Sam, and take him in.  She declined – and did the best she could to raise Sam on her own.  Sam had recently found the letter, and was infuriated at missing the chance to have the kind of life he deserved.  Bree is distraught over what to do with the lying Sam, and turns to Orsen and Andrew for help.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

This is my turn to flaunt. And I can't flaunt with a free piano.


Mike: Why is there a big ass piano in our house?
Susan: Actually, Big Ass stopped making pianos. This is a Yamaha.