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Parker and Preston get kicked out after bringing girls home late at night and wake up Lynette so that she can make them breakfast.  Asked to find their own place, they move in across the street with Mrs. McCluskey.

Susan uses her disease to get out of a traffic violation, and then later to get out of jury duty.

Gaby and Carlos visit her hometown as directed by Gaby's therapist to confront the man's grave who molested her.  Gaby is dreading this visit, however when the arrive, she gets loads of positive attention as the town celebrity who made it big.

Zach is off to rehab thanks to Paul and Mike who collaborate to get him help.

Later, the Scaivo boys get kicked out of Mrs. McCluskey's and Lynette admits that their behavior is a result of her babying them for too long.

As Gaby is soaking up the attention back in her hometown, she comes face to face with a teacher from her past that she had told about her abuse.  The teacher, a nun, did not believe her and caused Gaby to feel ashamed.  Gaby confronts her for this and starts to make peace with her past.

Keith, just starting to spend time with son Charlie, is saddened to see him go home to Florida.  He asks Bree to move there with him to be closer to Charlie. She declines, and tells him that he should go on his own- advising that one of the relationships is bound to not work, and it should be theirs.

Enjoying the perks that come along with her disease, Susan and Renee attempt to get into a new restaurant that they have been dying to get into.  It backfires, and Susan collapses in the lobby.

Paul kicks Beth out of their home after finding out that she is Felicia's daughter.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

If you turn that paper over, you'll find a whole section of people willing to exchange money in exchange for something called work!


You shot me! You shot your own father! Does that sound 'fine' to you?