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Paul confides in Mike that his son, Zach, was the one who shot him this week... with the same gun that his mother Mary Alice shot herself with.

Susan learns her wait for a kidney may be four years or more, that is, until a long lost high school friend bumps into her and offers to be her donor, only to find out that he has been obsessed with her for years.  Susan, who is creeped out by his stalker behavior, tells him that nothing more will come from him giving her his kidney, and he bails.

Bree , still trying to keep Keith’s son a secret from him, starts to feel guilty after a chance meeting where he spends a few moments with his son and later decides to tell him about Charlie.

Grandpa Frank, Lynette’s new step-father steps on toes in Lynette’s home, and to make matters worse, gets the last word, by dying on her sofa.  Her mother convinces Lynette to leave him there overnight until his new will goes into effect, making Lynette’s mom a millionaire.

Mike has a flashback to a conversation with Zach, where he told him that Paul was out of jail.  Later, Mike visits Zach and he admits to shooting Paul and dumping the gun at Bree’s house.  Mike and Paul team up to help Zach cope with his anger.    

Carlos asks Gaby to go to therapy, and she takes advantage by going to massage therapy instead.  Carlos calls her out and drags her back to therapy, where she admits she has a need to protect children because she was molested as a child.

Desperate Housewives
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