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Tom visits a holistic doctor about his male post partum depression, and gets a prescription for medical marijuana.  Lynette however, is not having it, and swaps out Tom’s pot for Oregano.   

Susan, Bree and Lynette befriend Beth, Paul’s new wife.  She joins them at their weekly poker game, and the girls start digging for dirt to find out more about Beth and Paul. 

Gaby and Carlos sign a deal with the hospital to call off the search for the other family involved in the kid swap.  In return, Carlos and Gaby agree not to sue the hospital.  Later though, Gaby runs into a little girl that looks like she could be her own daughter, and then decides she can’t go her whole life without knowing who her daughter is.  She hires Bob, as their private detective to help her. 

Susan continues to work for Maxine as an Internet porn maid and gets a bonus for getting the most hits in a month.  But there is some competition on the apartment block, and she has it out with her neighbor.

Renee visits Bree to see if she wants to “stud hunt” with her as a fellow divorcee.  At first, Bree passes, as she secretly has her eye on Keith.  After finding out he has a girlfriend though, and decides to join Renee after all on the “stud hunt."

Come to find out, Keith is at the bar, sulking in his post break up beer, and Bree decides to go after him.  She is too late though – Renee has already sunk her teeth into him.  Bree, feels defeated at first, but then takes it to a whole new level, and creates a midnight emergency to call Keith over out of Renee’s bed. 

Susan tries to keep the competition at bay, by breaking her vacuum for stealing Susan’s bit, causing her to come in and fight Susan on camera – while in their lingerie.  Later, they have a heart to heart, and Susan hears that she has been trying to save for 6 years.  Susan realizes that she better keep her finances in check if she has any chance of getting she and her family back to their home. 

Beth, picking up on the vibe of her neighbors is determined to find out why everyone doesn’t like Paul.  She hears the gossip that he may be involved with the murder of Felicia Tillman’s sister, Martha. 

Gaby hears from Bob, that they found the other family, and urges him to contact them.  Carlos, having no knowledge of Gaby’s attempt to find their daughter, is surprised when Bob tells him the news.  He confronts Gaby, and claims he will leave her if things don’t turn out well and then lose Juanita.

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

The only reason I didn't smoke in college was because I signed the abstinence pledge of my Dungeons and Dragons club.


Tom: I'm taking the necessary precautions.
Lynette: The necessary precautions being your own weight in cheese doodles?