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In this week’s episode, Bree continues lusting after Keith, her hot new handyman.  While checking out his ass, she distractedly backs her car up and runs over Juanita Solice on her bike.  The neighbors all rush to the hospital to make sure she is ok – and much to their surprise, even Paul Young makes an appearance to show his support. 

Gaby, upset about her daughter’s accident, pulls Bree and her son Andrew aside to interrogate them about the mishap.  After hitting Carlos’ mother and now her daughter Juanita, she asks if they are trying to kill every Juanita Solice out there. 

Meanwhile on the Lane, a new blonde hits the hood, looking lost.  She announces, that she is there to see Paul Young – her husband.  Beth, Paul’s prison wife is strange, and timid in terms of consummating their marriage.  Paul tries to encourage her to get on board with it.

At the Schaivo’s, Tom comes home sick from work for the third time that week, and Lynette urges him to see a doctor.  She is mostly concerned that he is not being helpful around the house.  Turns out Tom has male Postpartum Depression.  Renee, the still unwanted and also unhelpful houseguest, overhears their conversation, and tries to butt in.  She later has a late night chat with Tom to “help” Tom and Lynette work out their communication issue. 

Back at the hospital, Juanita will be ok – however, a nosy nurse points out to Gaby, that Juanita’s blood type is A and both Gaby and Carlos are type O.  This is news to Gaby, and even bigger news once she learns that there is no way that Carlos could be Juanita’s father.

Once Gaby realizes that Carlos is not her baby’s daddy, she wracks her brain trying to figure out who the father could be.  She recalls a ski trip with Susan eight years ago, and determines that the French man she was flirting with must be the father.  Desperate to find a reason for this to explain to Carlos, she comes up with having “sexomnia” – having sleep sex with no recollection.

After Bree’s incident caused by her distracting handyman, she fires Keith claiming he is messy and wears too much cologne.  She later hires him back, realizing how much she needs him.

Susan is saving the day making big bucks as a porn maid.  Mike adorns her with compliments and flowers for being such a great wife.

Renee continues to meddle, ignoring Lynette’s pleas to stay out of her marriage, and Tom’s issues.  She of course does not listen, and decides that she should stick around Wisteria Lane – so she purchases Eddy’s old house right across the street.  When Tom hears of this, he expresses concern to Renee that Lynette can never know what happened between them.

Carlos learns of the blood type that he and his family have, and confronts Gaby.  Prepared for him to kills her for infidelity, she is surprised when he approaches the conversation in a calm manner.  He tells her of the child swap that happened eight years ago at the hospital.

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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Gaby: Remember when you and I had dinner with that French guy?
Susan: The guy you referred to as "Le Package?"

I think Juanita might be French!