Julie and Susan
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 13
"Is This What You Call Love?"
Original Air Date:

Julie's back with a major surprise for Susan on Desperate Housewives. Meanwhile, Bree's alcohol consumption and lust for men continues to ruin her life.

Confronting Gaby
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 12
"What's the Good of Being Good"
Original Air Date:

It rained men on Desperate Housewives when Bree had some fun with her one night stands. Alejandro's wife paid a visit to Wisteria Lane with her daughter, Marisa.

Desperate Housewives Promo Photo
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 11
"Who Can Say What's True?"
Original Air Date:

Susan covertly checks on Alejandro's family on Desperate Housewives. Meanwhile, Mike discovers some inconsistencies with Ben's real estate project.

At the Scavo House
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 10
"What's to Discuss, Old Friend"
Original Air Date:

Chuck Vance is dead and the secrets continue to unravel on Desperate Housewives. Bree receives yet another mysterious note. Find out more in our review.

Questioning Lynette
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 9
"Putting It Together"
Original Air Date:

Chuck has many questions this week about Alejandro's disappearance, while Lynette asks for a favor from Tom. Elsewhere, Susan's art career gets a boost.

Tom in a Bedroom
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 8
"Suspicion Song"
Original Air Date:

A secret never stays in the dark on Desperate Housewives. Chuck continued to harass Bree about her involvement with Alejandro's disappearance. Does he know too much? You'll find out in our review.

An Important Meal
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 7
"Always in Control"
Original Air Date:

Bree is stunned to find out who dug up Gaby's stepfather's body on Desperate Housewives. You will be, too, once you read our review.

Return to the Scene of the Crime
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 6
"Witch's Lament"
Original Air Date:

Bree, Gaby and Lynette head back to the woods to dig up and move Alejandro's body on Desperate Housewives. The only problem is... it's gone! Read our review now to find out more!

Back in the Dating Game
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 5
"The Art of Making Art"
Original Air Date:

Susan shows up to art class... naked. Lynette dives back into the dating game. Check out our review now.

Work It, Housewives!
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 4
"School of Hard Knocks"
Original Air Date:

Did Mike tell anyone about the secret Carlos and Susan shared last week? Is Tom dating already? Find out now by reading our review.

Desperate Housewives Quotes

I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.


(voiceover) It's not always that easy to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. Sinners can surprise you (shot of Gabrielle watching Carlos praying before he goes to sleep.) And the same is true for saints (shot of Sister Mary praying at church before snuffing out a candle.) Why do we try to define people as simply good or simply evil? (Shot of Nina crying as she packs up her desk) Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can exist side-by-side in one heart. (Shot of Susan's father recovering in the hospital.) And that anyone is capable of anything. (Shot of Bree cleaning up George's hotel room as he lays dying.)

Mary Alice