Sofia Helps Massimo - Devils
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Massimo identifies Carrie's body at the morgue. Oliver arrives for his first official day at work at NYL. Dominic speaks at Ed's funeral. The cops arrive and question Massimo. Sofia confronts Massimo about bailing on the Guardian interview. Eleanor and Kalim argue over Paul's fate. Sofia approaches Massimo at his apartment. Sofia tells him that NYL is behind unrest in Libya. She adds that Carrie's reappearance was meant to distract him. Massimo has his team investigate NYL's connection with a powerful Libyan investment firm, LIA Sofia goes undercover as a call girl at the meeting between Dominic and some plum investors and an LIA official. Kalim is concerned that Massimo isn't thinking straight. The police question Oliver and try to turn him. Sofia has to ditch her camera because of a metal detector. She goes back for her purse but the LIA official has to rescue her from security. Oliver's girlfriend wants him to tell the police the truth. Sofia escapes being raped by drugging the official. She informs Massimo she's all right after her close call. Oliver tells Massimo about having to go to the police station. He gives Massimo the laptop. Duval refuses to post the footage Sofia recorded at the party on Subterranea's web site. So she calls Hillary Mason at The Guardian instead. Oliver refuses to flip on Massimo. The photos from the party end up on the Guardian's web site, tying NYL to Libyan strongman Gaddafi. Dominic holds a press conference to explain that the LIA official has broken from the Libyan regime. Eleanor tells Kalim that she's not backing Massimo anymore. Sofia is after revenge after Dominic. Duval says he's reassessing her value to Subterranea. Dominic tells Massimo he's not the enemy at Carrie's funeral. The autopsy shows that Ed was pushed.

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Devils Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Oliver: It's my first day. Massimo offered me a job.
Paul: Congratulations. You might as well take my desk. I've got a little bit of advice. Watch your back around here.

The blood of the innocent, shed to enrich the powerful, is, and always has been, war.