Disobeying Order - Devils
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In a flashback, Sofia says goodbye to her brother in Buenos Aires in 2001. But she follows him to a failing bank, where he pulls a gun on an official who won't give him all the money he had deposited. She watches her brother shoot himself. Dominic's clients profitted when that bank collapsed. Massimo hires Terence Rigby, a detective, to look into Carrie's death. Opportunity presents itself for Dominic, Massimo, and his team in the form of financial distress in Ireland. Chris Bailey gives Detective Bale information about Ed's death implicating Massimo. Duval assigns Sofia to make contact with spy Robert McKenna. Dominic informs Massimo of Chris's enhanced role at NYL. Massimo tells his team that they have to behave. Bale orders Massimo to come in for an interrogation. McKenna tells Sofia that Gaddafi's fall was engineered by powerful Americans. Claire informs Nina that Ed was murdered. Sofia calls Massimo about Libya but he hangs up on her. She then reports to Duval. Bale and Winks visit Paul. Rigby reports Carrie's financial records have been erased. Massimo attacks Chris in the elevator after Chris brags that he talked to the police then condescendingly mentions Carrie. Massimo tells Dominic about Chris's effort to frame him for Ed's murder. Dominic sends him home and says he'll make the investigation go away. Sofia forces McKenna to look into Carrie in exchange for her help. William Trevor offers Rigby a fortune to keep telling Massimo he's getting nowhere. Eleanor and Kalim recruit Oliver to help them skirt the rules. Dominic leans on the German finance minister. Massimo tells the team about what he's learned from Professor Wade about the Irish housing bonds. Sofia gives Massimo McKenna's report on Carrie. Trevor, Dominic's lawyer, had Carrie's records sealed. The police arrest then have to release Massimo. 

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Devils Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Massimo: I need to know who brought [Carrie] back to London. It can't be a coincidence, not after three years.
Rigby: Coincidences do happen, you know.

I believe that we are born innocent, trusting that love is stronger than hate. But sooner or later, the innocence is shattered.