In Trouble - Devils Season 1 Episode 2
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Massimo watches over his comatose wife Carrie. Edward's suicide is front-page news. After their squash match, Dominic snaps at Massimo when Massimo mentions Ed's falsified record profits. Rejected as vice CEO, Massimo starts looking for a new firm. Sofia confronts him in the parking garage about Ed's death. He offers her dirt on NYL. Massimo's team is skittish about the police investigation of Ed's death. Massimo promises to take his team with him if he leaves. Duval suggests that Sofia help Massimo. Massimo convinces Oliver to help him investigate Ed's death. Massimo has Oliver pick up Ed's laptop from Nina. Massimo meets with Li Acheng, a hedge-fund owner. The police come to the Stuarts' home looking for Ed's laptop. Kalim gives a pep talk to jumpy Paul. Massimo outlines his plan to bankrupt NYL to Acheng. Alex blackmails Paul to become his mole on Massimo's team. Dominic blackmails a German colleague. Massimo flashes back to when he met Carrie while working as a bartender. Present day, Massimo vows to take care of her. Sofia tells Massimo she has lined up an interview for him with reporter Hilary Mason. Massimo takes Oliver to NYL. He has Oliver make the final call on an expensive currency deal. Massimo informs the team of his plan to meet with Mason about NYL. Paul reports Massimo's plan to Alex. A file about Massimo was deleted from Ed's laptop after he died. Massimo goes to see Claire instead. She tells him Ed had turned down the promotion and resigned from NYL. Massimo confronts Dominic about Ed's resignation. Dominic tells him Ed was fired but allowed to resign because of the falsified profits. Dominic orders Massimo to take time off and spend it with Carrie. Massimo fires Paul for being a mole. Carrie dies. 

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Devils Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Massimo: Let's replay the point. I don't like to win that way.
Dominic: Have I taught you nothing? Nobody cares how you win. Besides, I'll kick your ass next time.

Although I can't see the devil's face, I know he can see mine. I can't hide.