Forest on DEVS Season 1 Episode 2
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Lily cries after seeing Sergei's burned body.

Forest shares how he felt when he lost his daughter, Amaya, with Lily. He offers Lily job security in her grieving period.

Lily tries again to hack into Sergei's phone.

Lily breaks into Jamie's apartment to convince him to help her. She tells him about the video of Sergei killing himself. 

Jamie decides to help and discovers the Sudoku app was actually a Russian messaging app. Jamie thinks Sergei was a spy.

Jamie resets the password so Lily can access it on her own.

Kenton and Forest discuss the cover-up of Sergei's murder. 

Katie and two new DEVS workers, Stewart and Lyndon witness what appears to be a crucifixion. 

Lily reads through Sergei's messages. She agrees to meet with whoever he's been messaging the next day.

Lily meets Anton. He reveals to her that Sergei has worked for Russian intelligence since college. He tells her he believes Sergei was murdered and the CCTV footage was faked.

Forest isn't satisfied with what DEVS has done yet. It's revealed that DEVS's mission is to project the past into the present. Forest watches a projection of his daughter blowing bubbles.

Jamie checks on Lily, worried she'll do something dangerous with the information she's learned. Lily lies to Jamie and tell him she didn't use the messaging app. 

Kenton corners Anton in a parking garage. He threatens to kill Lily if he tries to make her a spy too. 

Anton attacks Kenton, but Anton ends up dead. 

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DEVS Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I have friends, and they're taking care of me. In fact, I'm with them right now.


You can talk to me at any time. You can call me at any time. You have no professional obligations to fulfill. Your job and your income are secure and they will stay that way as long as you need them to.