I'm sure I'll see you around. Let's get coffee sometimes.


Forest: Do you know why you pull the trigger?
Lily: It's for Jamie.

Lily: She's not alive. She's a computer simulation.
Forest: Explain the difference.

Life is just something we watch unfold.


I didn't want to know the future.


My orders were to watch you, not protect.


You know the problem with people who run tech companies? They have too much power.


The box contains us. The box contains everything. And inside the box, is another box.


You can't name a random event. Because there are no random events.


You got me out. Chivalry.


Forest: It's not that I want these things to happen or intend them to happen.
Jamie: You just let them happen.

Forest: It's good you stick up for her.
Jamie: Lily's pretty capable of sticking up for herself.

DEVS Quotes

I have friends, and they're taking care of me. In fact, I'm with them right now.


You can talk to me at any time. You can call me at any time. You have no professional obligations to fulfill. Your job and your income are secure and they will stay that way as long as you need them to.