Pete and Kenton - DEVS Season 1 Episode 4
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Forest watches an unknown figure struggle in the future using the Devs machine.

Lily wakes up in Jamie's apartment and they discuss what they saw the night before.

Katie reprimands Forest for breaking their rule and looking into the future. Forest is worried they can change the future while Katie says it's as fixed as the past. 

The figure is revealed to be Lily. She is supposed to die in 48 hours.

Jamie recommends that Lily goes to the police with the doctored footage. 

Lily decides to go home and Jamie offers to accompany her. She refuses and they get into an argument. 

Kenton asks Pete if he's seen Lily lately. Pete tells him he's not afraid of him and won't help.

Lily returns home and Pete offers to help get rid of Kenton if she needs. Kenton reminds Lily that she missed her doctor appointment. 

He forces her to go to the doctor where Lily lies about her mental instability.

Lyndon discovers soundwaves of Jesus talking two thousand years ago. Forest explains that there's too many variances in what he's done. 

Forest fires Lyndon immediately and threatens for him to stay quiet about what DEVS does. 

Lily's doctor doesn't believe that she's schizophrenic and informs Kenton she's lying. 

Lily crashes the car they are in to get away from him.

Stewart warns Lyndon to listen to Forest's threat. 

Katie takes Lyndon's algorithm for sound waves and applies it to light waves. This results in a clear picture of Forest's daughter Amaya.

Lily goes back to Jamie's apartment and decides to call the cops about Sergei's murder. 

Lily's doctor shows up with the police and put Lily on psychiatric hold. 

Kenton walks into Jamie's apartment and closes the blinds.

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