Sergei and Lily - DEVS Season 1 Episode 5
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Lily's in the psych ward after Kenton sent her there. 

Kenton tortures and threatens Jamie. He tells Jamie about his past in the CIA and then breaks his fingers to make a point.

Katie watches Jamie be tortured through the DEVS machine and then watches clips from Lily's past.

We see Sergei and Lily's meeting after Lily and Jamie broke up. Then, the first time they tell each other they're in love.

Katie then rewatches the moment from her life where Forest recruited her for DEVS at an academic lecture. He offers to pay for her college fees if she takes a job at Amaya after graduation.

She and Forest discuss his motivations for DEVS and how he's using it to absolve him of his own guilt.

She watches the development of the DEVS program in its early days.

She watches Forest see his daughter and wife get into a car crash and die.

Jamie tells his family to go on vacation for a week for safety.

Kenton informs Forest that if his crimes catch up to him he will act in self-interest and their agreement will be nulled.

Jamie rescues Lily from the psych ward, and Katie watches it happen from the DEVS machine.

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Everything's containable. But only if you're willing to do what it takes.


You're a puppy dog. And you're devoted to her, forever and ever. And you'll do anything she wants, in case she chucks you a bone.