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Dexter hires a nanny this week. She seems perfect for the job.

Also, Batista tells Maria about the reasons behind the fight at the bar, namely what the other cop referred to her as. She isn't thrilled about it, but tries to comfort her new husband they seem to be on good terms.

As for the main storyline...

- Dexter places a lot of pressure on himself to kill Boyd Fowler. He thinks the kill will turn around his world in some way, as he arranges to "accidentally" bump into Boyd during lunch and gets himself invited on a dead animal pickup day.

- Dexter arranges a kill room, but plans go awry. When he injects Boyd, the murderer turns around and shoots him with a stun gun. Both end up in the hospital and both eventually flee, which forces Dexter to track Boyd down at his home.

- He does so, and he kills Boyd successfully... almost. Right after he stabs his prey, Dexter notices a face through a door. He opens it and a woman, who looks severely abused and troubled, tumbles out. As Dexter narrates, she saw everything.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm just not used to checking the fridge for notes [Voice over]... just notes from other serial killers.


True warriors are humble men.