Sue marries - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 10
"I felt a Funeral, in my Brain"

Emily's relationships are challenged as she moves into a new chapter of life.

Emily and Ben - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 9
"'Faith' is a fine invention"

During a solar eclipse, Emily confronts the Shadow of Death in her home.

Louisa May Alcott - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 8
"There's a certain Slant of light"

On Christma, Emily tries to be the "good little woman."

Emily ask - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 7
"We lose - because we win"

On her father's election day, Emily defiantly attempts to publish another poem.

Edward and Mrs. Dickinson Season 1 Episode 6
"A brief, but patient illness"

Emily takes a "sick day" to write and finds a connection with her father's law clerk.

Shakespeare Club - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 5
"I am afraid to own a Body"

Emily confronts tough issues at a meeting of a local Shakespeare Club.

Emily and George - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 4
"Alone, I cannot be"

Emily seeks help from an author when her favorite tree is threatened.

Jane Humphrey and co. - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 2
"Wild nights"

Emily and Austin throw a party, and their mutual love for Sue causes tension.

Emily and Sue - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 2
"I have never seen 'Volcanoes'"

Women are forbidden at Amherst, so Emily and Sue get creative to attend a lecture.

Emily and Death - Dickinson Season 1 Episode 1
"Because I could not stop"

Emily's attempt to publish a poem sparks backlash on Dickinson Season 1 Episode 1.

Dickinson Quotes

Sue: You’re right.
Emily: Right about what?
Sue: The only time I feel things is when I’m with you.
Emily: She dealt her pretty words like Blades. How glittering they shone.
Sue: I pushed you toward him because I wanted to escape what I was feeling, and I slept with him ‘cause I didn’t wanna feel it. There is so much that I don’t want to feel, Emily. And the biggest thing that I don’t want to feel…
Emily: Is what? Hmm, is what? What is it, Sue? Just say it.
Sue: Is that I’m in love with you.
Emily: I don’t believe you.
Sue: It’s true.
Emily: It’s not true. Nothing you say to me is true. You’re not even Sue anymore. You’re a new person, a fake person. I don’t even recognize you, and everything you say to me is a lie.
Sue: Emily, I love.
Emily: Stop lying to me.
Sue: I love you, and I felt you in the library because you’re always with me. I can’t escape from you because the only true thing I will ever feel is my love for you.

Ship: I’m glad you asked. I came here for you.
Lavinia: I’m surprised you even remember me.
Ship: Of course I remember you. You’re the most pure, simple, quiet, traditional girl I ever knew, and that is why I want to make you my wife.
Lavinia: Ship, Ship, we hooked up once. Then you hooked up with someone else the same night.
Ship: That wasn’t very chivalrous of me. You’ll see I’ve changed, Lavinia. I’m not that college dropout that got drunk and tobogganed into a lake. I’m a serious adult man with entrepreneurial instincts and a profound respect for women who embody traditional values such as submissiveness, chastity, and willingness to do household chores.
Lavinia: I’m not even like that.
Ship: You’re Lavinia Dickinson. You have tea parties for your cats.
Lavinia: Well, yes, but I’ve changed too.
Ship: Oh, and how have you changed?
Lavinia: I’ll show you.
Ship: Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t you think we should wait until marriage?
Lavinia: Henry ‘Ship’ Shipley, I don’t think you have any idea who you’re dealing with.