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Peter is doing research and calls Golan in the middle of the night.

Golan is gay.

Peter realizes that someone is planning on rebuilding the temple with the intent of disrupting the Arab world and starting world war III. 

The boy arrives in Croatia with the red heifer. He meets his father there, who still calls him "my boy." He will, it appears, never get a name. He is shown to a truck next to his half sister (?), next to whom he cannot sit, because they are not married. He's very uncomfortable.

Lynn goes to see the Ambassador. She doesn't even look up. Awkward. Peter was Lynn's boss back in the States. The Ambassador wants Peter fired.

Peter and Golan go visit Golan's uncle. Josh is a high priest, born of lineage of the first high priest raised in isolation without his feet touching the ground since his first year. It's one of the needs, just like the red heifer, for the temple to be rebuilt. The Sons of Light protect the breastplate and ensure the stones are never found. They don't appear to be doing a bang up job. Something about a war tablet. 

Yussef is infiltrating someplace while Golan and Peter stomp around and Lynn calls, upset.

The fellow Debbie called is looking for her with a photo. Debbie is locked up and tied to a pole with chains. Someone brings her a bowl of soup and milk, telling her they love her and are praying for her. Sweet.

The boy's father wants him to change his clothes so as not to draw attention to himself.

The guy finds where Debbie is. Apparently Tad Billingham has a compound and a show on TV. He's an evangelist. 

The fellows get to the Israel Museum to find the war tablet is gone. And another murder that the Ambassador will no doubt care less about.

A scary man playing with lizards and donning black gloves while sporting white painter's pants was watching the boy and the heifer.

Debbie's guy made his way to the compound. Her name is Debbie Morgan. Ha. Tad says Debbie is gone. Liar.

Debbie can hear Charlie and she tries to scream out to him. He points a gun at Tad to gain entrance into a room, but it's the wrong room.

Yussef has the tablet and Peter and Goran have an etching of it. They both have a key. Neither can make heads or tails of what it means. It's jibberish. Except they all figured it all out at the same time... it was etched deeper. Come on. Something about the prayer of David and Armageddon. The prayer of David is depicted in three mosaics of around the world, including one in Meggido, Israel. It means Armageddon. 

The boy is dancing in front of photos of Jesus and imagines himself covering up his faith and is ashamed. Painter Pants looks on.

Charlie leaves with all of Debbie's things, but finds a ring he knows she wouldn't take off when he's on his way out of town. Meanwhile, she's about to be sacrificed be Josh. What in the hell? While Tad wants her to repent, she goes off on a rant about them being murderers.

Meanwhile, Painter Paints is covering himself in mud and praying. He sneaks into Red's pen and says he's with him, but it's not yet time. What?

Peter, Goland and Yussef all arrive at the mosaic at the same time. Yussef grabs something and stars cracking the mosaic apart. That's not cool. A hot pursuit starts. 

Peter sends Golan for the car while he shoots at Yussef on his motorcycle. Peter hits him, climbs into the car and then they take off after Yussef is up again. Their car gets stuck and Yussef gets away.

Back at the compound, little Joshua finds Debbie guilty. 

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DIG Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Lynn: Listen to me, the Ambassador has taken a personal interest in you and I can guarantee it's not because she thinks you're cute.
Peter: That's funny, I could swear I felt a little vibe going on. Just a twinkle.

You need to repent your sins, or God will strike you down.