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The Doctor and Clara race against time to save the TARDIS this week.

An intergalactic space salvage crew uses an illegal magnetic attraction device to pull the TARDIS in for parts, leaving Clara lost on board.

When the salvagers decide they won't help The Doctor find Clara, he puts them under a very small time limit.

Clara wanders aimlessly around the ship trying to find her way out, but running into fun stuff in the meantime.

A monster on board the TARDIS chases Clara around the ship.

The Doctor rescues Clara but there is a rupture in time and many Doctors and Claras are on board.

The monsters chasing Clara are Clara. She does continue to die.

They discover a way to turn back time and stop the crash landing.

Clara admits she knows The Doctor's name but has no idea about her past lives. The Doctor says she will remember nothing once time is reset.


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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

The TARDIS is special. She has her own gravity. I'd explain if I had a chart and a board pen.

The Doctor

No, listen, right behind those doors is the salvage of a lifetime.

The Doctor