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When you watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9 online you will see a big doctor inside a tiny TARDIS. Strange occurrances are shrinking the TARDIS and there are people dying inside of walls. Or are they dying You see, they are also coming alive again as two dimensional creatures wear their skin to become three dimensional. Say what? Yes, it is a whole new meaning to 3D and it is scary as hell to watch. You don't need to believe me, you just need to watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9 online to find out for yourself. Do you think Clara would be a good Doctor? She thinks so. The Doctor? Not so much. He agrees that she did the job well, but also states that there was no goodness involved. What did Clara do wrong? Is behaving like The Doctor not appealing to him? Perhaps it upsets The Doctor to see someone he cares about with so little compassion about the lives lost. What were her choices? She had relatively few and handled those she did have with great care. She though on her feet and go tthe joob done. Find out when you watch Doctor Who online.

Episode Details

Clara tries to free the entrapped Doctor while fighting off a menace from another dimension on Doctor Who.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (36 Votes)
Doctor Who
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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

The Doctor: Stop laughing. This is serious.
Clara: Well I can't help it, can I, you and your big ole face.

Could you just not let me enjoy this moment of not knowing something? I mean, it happens so rarely.

The Doctor