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A quick time jump into the future reveals that Noma is captive and facing possession.

Five hours earlier, we learn that Julian is stalling for some reason and irritating the Chosen One. Alex believes Julian is lying to them, so it doesn't take long for he and Noma to investigate. Of course, we know Julian's an angel so that complicates things.

In Vega, David Whele wanders through dark alleyways being taunted by imaginary William. The V1s capture him and plan to make an example of the Consul by killing him on camera. However, he quickly talks his way out by leading them to his old TV station.

Remember that angel Gabriel sent after Claire? Well, he catches up with her and luckily Gates fortifies his bunker keeping the assassin outside. The two eventually manage to trap the killer angel and make their escape, but not before sharing a kiss.

Gabriel is quite upset with the angel Januck, who refused to mobilize his troops. After a few threats, Januck agrees to gather their forces.

Michael is soon reunited with Gabriel, who informs his brother that Uriel was killed in the bombing of his aerie. After an extensive argument over Alex, Gabriel comes clean regarding his whereabouts. The two archangels join forces to move against New Delphi.

Alex and Noma search for clues in the bowels on the city and discover a room of warrior 8-Balls in stasis. "This isn't a city of merchants, it's a city of monsters" Alex says. When they return to Riesen and Pete, they learn the boy is missing. Julian arrives and takes them to Pete.

Of course, it's not a pleasant reunion as Julian demonstrates the power of the amphora and guides an angel inside Pete. Poor kid, he was just getting used to being human again too. Julian can pull lower angels down from the ether and guide them into human hosts.

He then attempts to do the same to Noma, which is where our story kicked off. She uses her wings to escape and takes the amphora with her. Noma informs Alex that this fifth amphora is pure darkness and can be used to destroy New Delphi.

At the dilapidated TV station, David convinces Zoe that he can be an asset by providing valuable intel and codes to the city. He plans to lead this revolution and the V1s don't put up a fight.

Back in New Delphi, Julian reveals himself as a Dyad: part human/part higher angel. His plan all along was to use the amphora to destroy the archangels who enslaved the lower angels. Alex realizes they're basically after the same thing.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Alex: Julian promised us an army, so where is it?
Noma: Maybe he lied. He doesn't have one.
Riesen: No, he may be lying about the message to Vega, but he's telling the truth about the power of New Delphi. Somehow this city has defied Gabriel for 25 years. Something Vega couldn't do and we had Michael on our side. He has something formidable enough to keep them safe.
Alex: Then I'm gonna find it.

Alex: You promised me an alliance; an army, but all I see as I look around is a scared city preparing for a siege.
Julian: Well Alex you know, I'm gonna prepare my city first.
Alex: What about Vega? You sent my message, did you hear anything back?
Julian: No, it's going to take at least a week for our trucks to cross the wasteland.
Alex: When we walked into this city, there were five trucks out front. There are still five there.