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"Show me your markings are worth my alliance" Julian tells Alex. The Chosen One then enters the 8-ball asylum to retrieve the golden key.

In Mallory, Laurel digs a grave we assume is for Harper. However, Michael soon realizes she is to sacrifice herself taking everyone's sins with her to the afterlife. That's the arrangement the mysterious prophet made with the town.

Though Michael had planned to leave, Laurel's faith inspires him to take her place.

Meanwhile, Gabriel sends a higher angel for Claire's head. However, she has her own problems. Rebel Zoe escaped and the V1's are planning something. Claire enlists Gates' help, he is an old friend of her fathers. He gathers intel for Claire and warns a rebellion is brewing.

In a flashback, we visit Sodom and Gomorrah where Michael is about to lay waste to all life there. Gabriel understands this is father's will, but he wants things handled honorably not cruelly. The archangel mentions the amphori - urns containing darkness and madness - but Michael insists this must be done by his own hand.

We also meet an angel named Lyrae, who looks an awful lot like Julian of New Delphi. This higher angel wants man to suffer and Michael is appalled at how much he delighted in killing humans. He kills Lyrae and casts him down to the lowest sphere of Heaven.

In the present, Alex runs into General Riesen in the asylum and together they locate the 8-ball with the key.

When they finally make it out of there, Julian demands the old man be thrown back in for killing an angel. "That is General Edward Riesen of Vega. Part of the pact between our two cities, which you now owe me. You'll pardon all of his crimes" Alex demands. 

As Laurel is about to sacrifice herself, Michael stops the ceremony. The bonfire glows allowing him to take her place, he sacrifices himself and is buried by the townsfolk.

However, it isn't long before a massive wing, then a hand tears out of the ground. That's right, Michael lives!

In the closing moments, Julian unlocks a safe containing one of the ancient urns we saw in the flashbacks. He places the gold key Alex retrieved into a slot at the top, then reaches for his axe. Julian's eyes turn pitch black and he smiles.

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Dominion Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Michael: Father's wrath must have a face and that duty is mine. How say you Lyrae?
Lyrae: Death is as glorious as birth. Why else would father have made them mortal?
Gabriel: You value a higher angel's counsel over your own brothers?
Lyrae: Justice must be done.
Gabriel: No, I won't allow cruelty.
Lyrae: Father's orders were to cast these sinners out into the darkness. I want them to suffer the limits of their bodies.
Gabriel: Spill blood, but do so with honor.
Michael: Always.

Alex: You want me to go into a madhouse full of insane angels with just a machete and a flashlight?
Julian: The Chosen One is destined to become a great general, isn't he? So prove it to me. Show me your markings are worth my alliance.