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Cliff’s working on his car when Jane suddenly bursts out of the backseat. She tells him about the crazy dream she thinks she just had. He confirms everything happened including getting turned into a baby.

Cliff points out that Jane isn’t like she was before. She looks in the mirror and realizes she has gray hair now. She deduces that Bunbury took her longevity when he zapped her, which may mean he’s working with Immortus.

Cliff recounts how he reverted to baby as he was driving and crashed the car. When he came to, he found Jane as a baby left outside the pool center.

Jane’s desperate to get her longevity back, but Cliff’s priority is getting the car repair done. She leaves in a huff. Cliff’s oven mitt starts talking to him as Rory.

Deric’s driving Vic back to Cloverton from Detroit. Vic promises to reimburse him for gas and the clothes.

Jane travels down to the Underground to look for Kay. All the other personalities are working on puzzles that Kay gave them. Jane refuses to let herself and them die.

Rouge wakes Rita on the bench by the bus station. Rita just wants to go home. Rouge wants to continue with the mission. She starts to hypothesize that the person trying to raise Immortus must be with the Bureau, building on Niles’s work. She proposes they return to the Bureau to figure out who it is and stop them.

Rouge also proposes Rita be team leader again.

Larry is marched through an alien dimension with a yoke of giant scissors attached. Rama chases after him and demands the guards release him. The guards ignore him and he freezes them in their tracks, causing the scissors to rust. He and Larry run off.

Rama explains they’re in a pocket dimension, not anywhere on Earth, called Orqwith. The guards were called Scissormen. He describes them as powerful but mindless custodians. He figures they were sent to capture Larry because Rama was taking too long.

Rama explains that Immortus will make all their wishes come true. Larry is skeptical. Rama tells him he’s changed his mind because he doesn’t want to hurt people. Larry promises to help Rama stabilize his molecules once they’ve stopped Immortus. Rama pledges his faith to Larry and opens a portal home.

Cliff argues with his oven mitt over priorities. The mitt wants him to fight Immortus. He wants to finish fixing up the car.

The oven mitt leads him away from the car. It shows him the frozen zombie butt he wasn’t able to kill to prove to him that he’s a good person.

Just then, Rama’s portal opens in the kitchen. Cliff can see Larry on the other side.

Shelley Byron, aka The Fog, is decorating a cake. Jane comes in. Jane confesses that she wants to connect with Shelley but is unable to kiss her. She becomes frustrated with herself. Shelley suggests she get help with her issues. Jane tells her there’s no time.

She tells Shelley she’s tired of fighting, and leaves the sweet shop.

Jane returns to her room and, resigned, starts working on the gray puzzle Kay sent her, praying that she’s not ready to die.

Larry steps through the portal, and Cliff greets him warmly until Rama follows him through. They explain the longevity in Jane and Cliff will bring the agents of Immortus. Cliff informs them that Jane’s longevity is already gone.

As Larry’s piecing together the new information, Keeg suddenly emerges and pushes him back into the portal. When Rama tries to follow, Keeg zaps him and Cliff to keep them back.

At the Ant Farm, a couple of Bureau assets discuss the stolen werebutt in an elevator. They exit, leaving a custodian and his bucket behind. Rita’s arm reaches out of the bucket and steals the access badge.

Using it, they sneak into Section 99 of the Records Dept, known as The Vineyard. Looking for the Immortus Project, they find a check-out slip from January 13, 1955, checked out by Asset 34771.

Rouge decides they should give up and go home. Rita asks her what’s changed. Rouge reveals that Asset 34771 is Wally Sage, the artist who could bring his drawings to life. She blames herself for everything that’s happened because she deemed Wally a Weapon.

Rita talks her down from her pity party and directs her to take them to Wally’s cell.

Vic arrives at Doom Manor with Deric and finds the portal in the kitchen and Cliff on the ground in the pantry. Cliff tells him that Larry’s been taken. Vic pushes Deric out of the way and tells him to go home. He leaps through the portal.

Deric grabs a kitchen knife and leaps through. Cliff is annoyed because he took the only good knife.

Deric arrives in the pocket dimension and Rama’s portal disappears. Vic scolds him for following. Deric reminds Vic he’s not a superhero anymore.

In Wally’s cell, the woman find a mess of papers and the messages “ENTER THE KINGDOM OF ORQWITH” and “IMMORTUS WILL RISE” scrawled on the wall.

In looking through the drawings, Rita finds a portrait of Malcolm. Suddenly, a voice speaks from the shadows, startling them both. Rouge shines a light on the back wall. Through a barred cell door, they see Wally.

As they wander through Orqwith, Deric confronts Vic about his feelings about their friendship. He points out that when things went bad, Vic came all the way out to Detroit to find him because he knew he’d have his back.

They apologize to each other and share a wish they could go back in time. They pledge their friendship to each other again.

Cliff knocks on Jane’s door while she’s curled up in her bed and asks if she still want to fight the Immortus agents.

He apologizes to her and admits what matters is being there for the people they love. Jane confesses she doesn’t know if she deserves to be loved.

Cliff removes his oven mitt and holds her hand in his and tells her she can’t stop people loving her if they want to love her.

They agree to go fight the Immortus agents just as they hear a yell from outside. They find Willoughby in the corridor, badly beaten. He tells them the agents of Immortus attacked the Knights Templar and took Bunbury who was holding Jane’s longevity.

Willoughby recommends they get Cliff to safety. Jane decides they’re going to go fight them instead.

Vic and Deric approach the bone castle but hide when they see the Scissormen. Deric realizes the flowers on the trees are made of actual pens and paper. Working on the theory that everything was created for a magical purpose, he draws a butterfly and it comes to life.

Deric comes up with an idea to get past the Scissormen.

Rouge picks the lock on Wally’s door. She wants to free him while Rita just wants to question him through the door.

Voices approach the cell. Rita wants to run, but Rouge refuses to leave Wally. Wally insists it’s too late. Immortus rises. The door unlocks.

Rouge has to coax Wally out of his closet cell. When he looks at them, Rita panics and begins to blob out. Rouge reassures him that they aren’t there to hurt him. Wally accuses Rouge of hurting him already.

Rita fully blobs out. Rouge turns into a bird to escape. Wally is crushed under Rita’s blob.

Larry is marched into the castle. Hooded figures murmur a tune. Larry is forced to lie on a table. He’s begging Keeg to save him. When Keeg activates, he is initially happy.

Then Keeg gives Larry a vision of the future when the Butts attack him, tearing away his bandages. Keeg saves him from the Butts and then flies him into outer space and into the sun to prevent his radiation from hurting anyone else.

Larry tries to convince Keeg that he doesn’t need to do this in hopes that Immortus can keep them together forever. He acquiesces and lets Keeg take his longevity.

Outside the castle, Vic and Deric draw up a robot to fight the Scissormen. The ground begins to rumble. They put the drawing together and it manifests into the robot, Mr Invincible.

When Rita reforms into herself, Wally’s nowhere in sight. She assumes she smooshed him to death.

The Ant Farm alarm goes off. They must escape.

Mr. Invincible attacks the Scissormen. Cliff and Jane join him. When Mr. Invincible is meant to attack, he instead collapses into a swirl of papers.

The Scissormen have Vic and Deric.

The hooded figures emerge from the castle. Jane and Cliff trashtalk them. One of them approaches them. He takes his hood down and introduces himself as Wally Sage.

Wally greets Cliff as the final piece of the puzzle. The Scissormen grab Cliff and Jane.

As they are marched up towards Wally, Cliff’s oven mitt asks him if he remembered to close the freezer. Cliff realizes he didn’t.

At Doom Manor, the frozen Butt emerges from the freezer.


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Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Jane: Look at my hair! I feel like shit. My chest hurts.
Cliff: It’s just acid reflux. Welcome to middle-age.

Oh, it was all real. The parties, the pool. Getting turned into a baby. You were a fussy little stinker, too. I was starting to get worried you’d be stuck like that. I’ve been big for hours. Sorry, that sounded weird.