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At Doom Manor, Larry thinks back on his interactions with Mister 104. Vic examines Mr. Invincible, the robot Deric gave him to hold onto, while he stands guard over an unconscious Rita.

Larry’s heading out to find Keeg.

Jane lights up a pipe, and puts on some music. She pulls out the puzzle piece with The Fog’s eye and looks at it. She puts a candy in her mouth and starts to masturbate. She suddenly realizes she’s in the Underground. She steps onto the platform and finds a group of the alts waiting for her. She starts to defend her actions. They stay silent, listening.

She accuses them of pulling her down, but Pretty Polly tells her no one did that. Driller Bill says she just showed up on her own.

Jane recovers and bids them good-bye. She boards the train and leaves.

Rouge sits and watches Cliff try out the car they found in the ditch.

The radio starts playing and Cliff startles when he sees Willoughby in the rearview mirror. He’s appeared in the back seat.

He tells them to gather the group. He’ll address them all together.

Rita wakes up. She discovers she now looks aged.

Larry wanders through the woods, feeling his way back to Keeg, but also feeling injured as he sees Mister 104 attacking him. He has a vision of Mister 104 in a chair in a room, unconscious but using his powers.

Larry falls over, unconscious. Mister 104 emerges from the trees and stands over him.

Willoughby tries to tell Rouge, Cliff, Vic, and Jane that they’re about to face something worse than they’ve ever faced before. They are skeptical.

Rouge eventually remembers something about the Immortus Project at the Bureau. Willoughby says that Niles claimed to have a piece of Immortus. The Doom Patrol was his Immortus Project, although not including Rouge or Vic.

He informs them a piece of Immortus was procured, reportedly granting its holder an unnaturally long life. Mr. Nobody had it at one point and had it until he was shot by Niles. Willoughby says pieces of the artifact were shaved off and used to grant Rita, Cliff, Larry, and Jane long lives. Eventually, the artifact was traded to save the Doom Patrol, but it was being kept in Horst Eismann’s collection which was recently broken into and the necklace was stolen.

Willoughby tells the team that the pieces of the artifact inside each of them could be extracted, leaving them without their longevity.

He states that as long as they don’t have their pieces extracted, Immortus cannot rise. When they ask if Dr. Janus’s attack on Rita could be an extraction, he grows concerned.

Rita searches through Niles’s office for something to fix her aging. She finds a chest full of experimental mixtures. When Cliff bursts in on her, she drops a vial that shatters at her feet. Cliff asks about her appearance as the rest of the group joins them. The liquid from the shattered vial puts forward a strange smoke that envelops them all.

When the smoke clears, they’ve all been transformed into teenaged versions of themselves.

Willoughby identifies the vial as a deaging spell. The only one not affected is Rouge who explains her training taught her never to inhale a cloud of smoke. Willoughby finds the tag that was on the vial and states the situation is bad.

Larry finds himself in the room he envisioned, observing Mister 104 being interrogated. Mister 104 states his name is Rama.

Born in 1928 in India, he moved to London to study the physical sciences, specifically organic chemistry. He emphatically insists what he is saying is true. The interrogator calls in four Bureau agents and directs Mister 104 to proceed with “air augmentation”. Mister 104 hesitates but is ordered to go ahead. He pulls all the moisture out of the air, and the agents fall down. The experiment is deemed complete.

Larry wakes up on the floor in a cabin. Mister 104 is sitting across from him. Keeg is inside him. When Larry moves toward them, Mister 104 flings him against the far wall. Mister 104 tells him Keeg won’t leave him.

At Doom Manor, Willoughby tries to solve their problem while Rita complains she is unappreciated. Willoughby corrects her assumption that the spell is done. This is a curse that will deage them until they blink out of existence.

Willoughby locates his mentor Miss April in Toledo. They all get in Cliff’s car for a road trip.

Larry wakes up in the Bureau interrogation room, this time as the subject. He’s in a radiation suit and mask. Mister 104 is observing him. The interrogator brings agents in, the same as in the Mister 104 experiment. Larry screams for Keeg to let him out.

The team takes a pit stop. Cliff and Jane discuss if they’d have been friends in high school.

They try to score a hit off some teens, but end up having to buy booze for them in exchange.

In the restroom, Rouge and Rita talk about expectations. Rita leaves while Rouge is peeing. She walks past Willoughby gassing up the car, with Rouge chasing after her. Cliff and Jane bring the teen trio over and decide they should go to a party with them. Willoughby is frustrated.

They taunt him until he caves.

In the Bureau room, the agents remove Larry’s suit and mask. He protests, telling them to get out of there. As his body is exposed, the agents are irradiated and fall to the ground.

Mister 104 teleports into the room, turns his skin to lead to be impervious to Larry’s radiation, and talks Larry through his panic.

In the cabin, both men lie on the floor, unconscious but with fingers touching.

The party is in a pool facility. Cliff gets into it. Jane and Vic talk about the high school experience. Willoughby chillaxes.

Left on her own, Jane has a vision of Kay. She talks to Kay about her responsibilities and how she shouldn’t be treating the body as her own. Kay tells her the body belongs to both of them.

Jane notices a teenager in medieval clothes and calls out to Willoughby. He looks at her and she’s changed to a physically younger person too.

At the bus terminal, Rouge finds a teenaged Rita sitting on a bench. Rita complains that Rouge is always fine. Rouge admits that the spell actually affected her, but she used her shapeshifting power to make herself look unchanged.

Rouge confides that her teenage years, when her powers emerged, were years of abandonment and heartbreak. Rita admits she misses their friendship.

Rouge apologizes for everything she did to Malcolm, Rita, and the Sisterhood. As she breaks down in tears, she transforms to her teenage self. Rita comforts her.

Jane and Willoughby try to get Cliff to leave so they can continue on their quest to find Miss April. Cliff refuses and instead invites the party to a second location. Willoughby asks where Vic has gone.

Deric opens his door and finds a young teen Vic at his step. Vic hugs him.

Larry wakes up in the cabin. Mister 104 tells him he’s seen Larry’s experiment session before. He refers to Keeg as Larry’s guardian angel. He tells Larry he joined Dr. Janus because he wanted to stop causing suffering but is a beacon for it now.

Mister 104 explains that bringing Immortus back can erase their history of killing at the Bureau’s command. Larry doesn’t believe it. He offers to help Mister 104. He helps him to his feet and introduces himself officially. Mister 104 introduces himself as Rama.

As they stand together as friends, Keeg leaps from Rama to Larry. Suddenly, the fabric of reality is snipped, and Larry is taken. Rama leaps through the hole after him.

Jane and Willoughby are flummoxed. The other Chaos Magicians arrive, scolding Willoughby. They’ve brought Bunbury to rescue him. Willoughby follows his instructions, and the bunny turns him back to himself.

As a magician carries Bunbury to Jane, she tries to run but disappears in a cloud of pink smoke and turns into a baby. Bunbury approaches the baby, and Willoughby pleads with him to just be done with it.

Bunbury extracts something from the baby, causing it to cry.


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It’s like that fuzzy little cunt said. The whole world is abuzz with chatter, Immortus is rising, and just like everything else in this godforsaken universe, it all leads back to you lot.


The best cure for the body is a quiet mind. Everyone deserves their own private slice of peace.