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The estate continues to reel from the passing of Lady Sybil this week.

Isobel wants to help alleviate the pain of losing Sybil for the Granthams.

Cora and Robert continue to argue through their grief.

Tom wants to name his daughter Sybil, and Christen her a Catholic.

Ethel seeks Mrs. Patmore's advice as a cook.

Robert thinks calling the new baby Sybil is "ghoulish."

Violet suggests to Robert that he and Cora get some distance.

Mrs. Patmore helps Ethel plan a lunch at Isobel's.

Mary stands up to Robert in the matter of baby Sybil's Christening.

Violet asks Dr. Clarkson to tell Cora that there was no chance Sybil would have lived even with the surgery.

Matthew attempts to discuss the running of Downton with Robert with dour results.

Mr. Mason wants to leave his tenancy to Daisy.

Anna receives the news of Mr. Bates' release.

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Cora: You believed Tapsil because he's knighted and fashionable and has a practice in Harley Street. You let all that nonsense weigh against saving our daughter's life, which is what I find so very hard to forgive.
Robert: Do you think I miss her any less than you?
Cora: I should think you miss her more, since you blocked the last chance we had to prevent her death.

Is it over? When one loses a child, is it ever really over?