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Bates is freed from prison on this installment of Downton Abbey.

Bates arrives back at Downton, leaving everyone to wonder what will become of Thomas (Mr. Barrow).

Edith decides to visit London to discuss her offer as a writer.

Isobel continues to champion Ethel in her quest for a second chance at life.

Thomas keeps trying to get onto Jimmy's good side.

Matthew shares his plans for Downton with Robert and his counsel.

Jarvis, Robert's estate counsel, resigns.

Edith gets on famously with the editor and decides to write for the paper in London.

Tom's brother Kieran arrives at Downton.

Alfred reports what he saw between Thomas and Jimmy to Carson.

Carson confronts Thomas and threatens police action.

Tom becomes the new Estate Agent for Downton.

Downton prepares for a big cricket match.

Mary puts off Matthew's advances for being tired from her London trip.

Miss O'Brien talks Jimmy into speaking out against Thomas.

Violet's great grand niece Rose arrives in Yorkshire.

Bates helps Thomas.

Mary has a procedure to help her get pregnant.

Tom decides to stay at Downton.

Ethel leaves Isobel's to live near Charlie.

The big cricket match is held.

Thomas is kept on and in a higher position than Bates.

Robert softens.

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Are you sure you wouldn't rather just cut and run like me?


Robert: He only wants to persuade you to write for his horrible paper.
Edith: Still, I think I will go. It seems rude not to, in a way, and I haven't been to London in ages.