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We jump ahead on the season three finale of Downton Abbey.

The family packs up for Duneagle.

Mary is eight months pregnant.

Edith is still flirting with Michael Gregson.

Mrs. Patmore has a suitor in the new spice merchant.

Tom Branson feels out of sorts in charge of Downton.

Robert and Shrimpy go hunting.

Anna and Bates go on a picnic.

Anna enlists Rose to help her learn to reel for the ball.

The Downton staff goes to a fair.

Jimmy is mugged, but Thomas rescues him.

Dr. Clarkson almost proposes to Isobel.

Mrs. Hughes tells Mrs. Patmore about her flirting suitor.

Mary leaves Duneagle early.

Cora agrees to take Rose to Downton to live with them.

Mary goes into labor.

The family returns home.

Thomas and Jimmy agree to be friends.

Robert gives thanks for Matthew.

Matthew dies in a car crash after visiting Mary and his new son at the hospital.

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

My dear, no one can accuse me of being modern, but even I can see that it's not a crime to be young.


Robert: Bloody hell.
Cora: Welcome to the Highlands.