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We pick up in February 1922 on the Season 4 premiere, six months after Matthew died in a car accident.

O’Brien left like a thief in the night.

Mary considers baby George an orphan.

Molesley is left without employment in wake of Matthew’s death.

Robert and Tom discuss the future of the estate.

Edith visits with Isobel who is not holding up well after Matthew’s death.

Mrs. Hughes is as plucky as ever.

It’s St. Valentine’s Day and several of the staff get unsigned cards.

Thomas competes with the nanny for the affections of Master George.

Molesley asks Isobel if she might hire him back.

Edith goes to London to see Michael Gregson, who asks her to move away with him while he gets residency somewhere so he can get a divorce for lunacy.

Tom asks Carson to stand up herself and George, and she tells him to stop. She later blows up at the dinner table at everyone’s meddling.

Nanny West doesn’t allow Isobel to see Master George when she arrives for a visit.

Daisy discovers that it was Mrs. Patmore who sent her Valentine’s card.

The nanny was treating the children very poorly and is fired immediately.

A will is discovered in which Matthew left everything to Mary.

Thomas and Braithwaite become new partners in crime.

Lady Rose wants Anna to go with her to a dance in York. When Mary spills her perfume, Anna brings it up and gets permission.

Mr. Bates visits Molesley and asks him around to dinner.

Violet wants Tom to teach Mary how to run the farming aspects of Downton.

Edith asks Gregson to a house party in Downton.

Jimmy is at the club and he and Anna dance. Rose pretends to be a servant.

James tells Anna that he’s falling for Ivy.

A fight breaks out when a fellow wants to dance with Rose and she doesn’t want to dance with him.

Bates pretends he discovered a note due from him to Molesley in which he owed him 30 pounds as a way to help Molesley get himself back on his feet.

Robert tells Bates to make sure Anna doesn’t take out her feelings of ill will on Braithwaite.

Carson finally meets with Grigg and they discuss a woman named Alice they once fought over. She has since passed away, but she told Grigg to let Carson know if he ever say him again to let him know he was the better man.


Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Tom: She loved him very much.
Robert: And the price of great love is great misery when one of you dies.
Tom: I know that.
Robert: Of course you do. I’m very sorry.

But bein’ a nanny. You’re not one of the family, but you’re not one of us either.