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Cora's sister requires Robert's presence in America and Bates doesn't want to accompany him because of the state he will be leaving Anna in. 

Mrs. Hughes feels she has no other choice but to tell Mary so that Thomas can take Bates place on the trip abroad.

Edith and Cora have a chat about Gregson, but it doesn't do anything to help Edith feel better. When Edith wants to go to London, Rose asks to tag along.

Molesley overheard Thomas asking Baxter for an update.

Mary and Anna talk about the incident.

Isobel finds Violet ill and calls Dr. Clarkson to come over. She has bronchitis and Isobel wants to care for Violet.

Edith breaks when Rosamund asks her what she will be doing London. Edith tells Rosamund about the baby and that she plans to abort the baby. Rosamund is shocked and asks if she's thought it through. Rosamund vows to go with her if she must go through with it.

Rose goes boating with Jack Ross and he asks what she hopes will come lf all of this. She asks for a kiss, and he gives it to her.

Mary and Blake bond over pigs; dehydrated, dying pigs to be exact. Mary have never looked better. They had a mud fight once the pegs were watered. Anna makes them eggs and serves wine after their experience, shortly before Ivy arrives to start her morning work.

Edith changes her mind.

When Violet is well, she completely forgets it was Isobel who cared for her while she was ill.

When Lord Gillingham arrives, Mr. Green is not welcome in the kitchen by Anna or Mrs. Hughes.

Gilingham, Napier and Blake are all in the house at one time, all competing for Mary's attention.

Mrs. Hughes threatens Green. He tries to laugh it off and thanks Mrs. Hughes for not telling Bates. Mrs. Hughes almost bursts a blood vessel. Green goes too far with his words and tips off Bates.

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

So I'd be welcome in your drawing room, would I? Have you met my niece and her charming bastard?


Robert: Don't be vulgar. What do you know of such matters?
Mary: I've been married. I know everything.