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Dynasty concluded its first season with a wedding for Steven and Sammy Jo. 

And while the two made it down the aisle and exchanged "I do's," the "till death do us part" may have come a bit too soon. 

But there was a lot of drama leading up to the fire. 

Fallon successfully convinced the board to remove her father as CEO of Carrington Atlantic, but shortly after, the Colby siblings dropped a bombshell on her -- they are actually her half cousins. 

Which means they inherited shares in Thomas Carrington's will. 

Jeff tells Fallon he's going to sell CA and make a fortune but when it comes down to the vote, they bring in their long-lost-brother Hank aka Adam Carrington. 

Hank is a fraud that's been brought into all of this because of Alexis. 

But she didn't anticipate for Fallon to become CEO and when she realizes her billion dollar plan might actually hurt her biological children, she convinces Hank to vote against the sale. 

However, during the vote, Jeff pleads to his poor upbringing and Hank changes his vote. 

Fallon makes the connection to her mother, but since the wedding is about the start, Cristal volunteers to go get her. 

She walks in on Alexis and "Adam" locking lips and before you know it, an epic brawl breaks out between the former and current Mrs. Carrington.

After a good amount of hair pulling and shoe throwing, Alexis locks Cristal inside the apartment ensuring that she'll miss her nephew's wedding. 

Prior to the ceremony, Mrs. Daniels comes to tell Steven the good news: she's pregnant and he's the father from that one time she forced him into hooking up with her to help Sammy with his illegal immigration status.

After they exchange "I do's," Steven and Sammy gather everyone in the barn for family photos.

Steven tries to tell Sammy the truth but is interrupted when Fallon waltzes in accusing her mother of tipping off Hank.

As a family feud breaks out, they get accidentally lock inside the room. They begin noticing flames as someone purposefully set fire to their room. 

Meanwhile, Cristal is trapped in the apartment and ambushed by Claudia, Matthew's psychotic and pregnancy ex who broke out of the mental hospital with Matthew, who was actually a figment of her imagination. 

She's convinced Matthew brought her to the mansion so that he could get back together with Cristal so she shoots her. 

As the flames reach the room, Cristal lays there helplessly bleeding out.

Culhane comes to everyone's rescue; he saves Blake, Sammy Jo and Alexis. 

He's unable to find Steven who was closest to the window, Alexis runs upstairs to save Cristal because she feels guilty, and Culhane runs after them. 

Blake, Fallon and Sammy are left standing outside waiting for their loved ones. 

Anders' estranged daughter Kirby arrives after receiving an invite from Sammy who didn't know that they had a strained relationship. 

Claudia helps Hank hotwire a car and their Bonnie & Clyde relationship is born. 

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

As the fourth generation, I refuse to stand by and watch my father bury my legacy. Carrington Atlantic is not just a family business. It is a dynasty.


Fallon: You lied to me my whole life and let me sleep with my cousin.
Blake: Half-cousin.