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Everyone is hoping to convince Blake to take responsibility for what happened in Clarke Country except for Blake who isn't interested in tarnishing the company's reputation. 

Fallon teams up with Culhane, who gets fired almost as quickly as he got hired, to take her father down. 

After he forces her to choose between her family and their relationship, she sides with him and calls for a board meeting to make a case for why Blake is no longer an objective CEO and why she should take the position. 

Steven introduces the family to his long-lost brother, Adam Carrington, who he found during his trip to El Paso. 

At first, Blake is adamant that the man posing as Adam is not his son, however, during the bachelor party that he threw for Steven and Sammy Jo, his prosthetic finger falls off which convinces Blake. When baby Adam was kidnapped, the kidnappers cut off his finger. 

However, Adam/Hank isn't actually their son. He's an imposter helping Alexis with her plan to clear out Carrington Atlantic before he runs the company into the ground and his kids get left with nothing. 

In fact, she's sleeping with Adam which is disturbing on many levels. 

The other children she's bringing into the fold are half-Carringtons, Monica and Jeff Colby. 

The two confront their grandmother who admits that she had a love affair with Thomas Carrington; their mother is a Carrington.

Blake tries to make good with Cristal but when Alexis tells him his wife is having an affair, he realizes that she's actually looking at condos so she could divorce him.

Seeing as that move will make him look unstable, he threatens her to stay in the marriage. Either life at Carrington Manor or life in prison. 

Meanwhile, Fallon reaches out to crazy Claudia to get intel on her father's shady business dealings after Cristal informs her Matthew had very detailed accounts. 

She promises to give Claudia her freedom in exchange but later on, we see a pregnant Claudia chatting it up with a very-alive Matthew. 

Is he really alive or is he just a figment of her imagination?

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Monica: That also means that Fallon is our cousin.
Jeff: Half cousin.
Monica: I hope you slept with the right half then.

This is not how I want to spend one of my last night's on the town as a single man. I want it to be bad and boujee, not sad and douchey.