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The post "faux" wedding isn't pretty at the Carrington household, especially because they're planning a funeral for Thomas who died the night after suffering a heart attack. 

Blake is in denial about the whole thing and avoiding his grief. Everytime Cristal wants to talk about it, he says that he's busy talking to investors and clients about the death of Carrington Atlantic's Chairman. 

When Anders reads Thomas' will, Blake is upset that he's requested to be buried with a copy of his favorite book, which he wants him to retrieve from their Savannah home. 

He starts badmouthing his late father and Anders slaps him in the face, shocking everyone. 

While at the family home, Blake blows up on Cristal, stating that she's just like his ex Alexis and only married him for his money. 

Cristal is heartbroken by the accusations and calls a prominent divorce lawyer. 

When Blake finds out the day of the funeral, he throws a fit without even letting her explain. She confesses to Anders that she was really calling to alter the prenup so that he when they'd fight, it would be on equal terms without Blake's money looming over her.

At the funeral, Blake gives an impassioned speech about seeing things clearly and it seems like he's about to announce that he's divorcing Cristal when Alexis waltzes in. 

"Sorry, I'm late. Traffic was a bitch," she exclaims. 

Fallon is dealing with the press after Jeff Colby does an exclusive interview about how she "lied to him." 

She confronts him at Morell Corp and he lures her into the elevator by accusing her of killing her own grandfather. 

She throws a few punches a-la Jay Z and Solange which is all caught on camera and leaked online. 

As investors worry if she's stable enough to run a company, Blake, who has turned over a new leaf after seeing a video of his dad stating that he loves him, offers her a position at Carrington Atlantic. 

Meanwhile, Steven finds Sammy Jo's deportation letter from ICE. He turns to his ex-girlfriend Mrs. Daniels, wife of Senator Paul Daniels, to see if she could pull any strings. 

She claims she's on the outs with her cheating husband but for the right price, she'll do what she can. 

That price? A trip down memory lane. Clearly, she doesn't care that Steven is gay. 

Mrs. Daniels pulls through and soon enough, Steven, Sammy and Anders are celebrating his new visa with a bottle of the Titanic's finest champagne. 

At the funeral, Mrs. Daniels confesses that his grandfather was the one who turned Sammy in which doesn't sit well with Steven. 

Sammy already knew but tried to preserve Steven's memory of his grandfather. 

During the mass, Steven proposes to Sammy in Spanish, confusing mostly every guest. 

Fallon attends the wedding with Liam, her new husband, who initially refused to be married to her for any longer than initially agreed upon. 

However, one of the wedding guests recognizes him as Jack. He tells her she must be mistaken but it seems she's not the only person who thinks he looks familiar. 

If he isn't Liam, who is he?

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

For what it's worth, you're the best first wife I ever had.


Blake: It's not like he's here to enjoy any of it.
Steven: Everyone deserves a last hurrah, don't they?