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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17 picks up shortly after Thomas' funeral service. 

Alexis is crying over her former father-in-law's casket while the rest of the Carrington's look on in disgust.

Their first verbal exchange doesn't go over smoothly with Alexis scolding Fallon for her sharp tongue, inquiring about Steven's Vitamin-D deficiency and referring to Cristal as Fallon's friend. 

Before he leaves the church, Blake tells his ex-wife to "go home" and that's exactly what she does. 

When they arrive at the Carrington Manor after the funeral, they're surprised to find Alexis already inside waiting for the reading of Thomas' will. 

Turns out, she's listed as a beneficiary, which is likely what brought her into town. 

In a shocking twist of events, they find out Thomas left her behind Carrington Manor. "He left her our home," Fallon unsettlingly exclaims. 

For the rest of the episode, everyone tries to find out how Alexis managed to charm Thomas into giving her something so valuable to them.

Blake has his lawyers working to overturn it, Fallon asks Anders to find some evidence to prove she coerced Thomas, and she decides to question her mother on why she decided now was a good time to return. 

During a mani-pedi appointment, Fallon tries to pry some intel out of her mother, who is adamant that the reason she wasn't in Fallon's life is because Blake forcefully pushed her out by paying off a Senator. 

Fallon doesn't want to believe it, but Cristal confirms it's true.

She figures out her mother's chauffeur is actually an Uber driver and pays him a hefty sum of money to get the address of the hotel she's staying at. 

Since it's outside of Atlanta, she persuades Culhane to go with her and scope it out. When they arrive, they find a trailer in the middle of the desert. 

Inside, she realizes her mother was lying about her extravagant vacations around Europe -- she's poor. 

And worse, she was actually in contact with Steven this whole time, which explains why he's been acting so weird since her return. 

Fallon's fury gets the best of her when she returns home. First, she slaps Steven for lying to her and then she ambushes her mother who is outside with her male dog "Cristal."

She confronts Alexis about all the lies and the humble living arrangements, but her mother continues to keep up the charade, which only infuriates her.

The back-and-forth pushing and shoving eventually ends in the pool, with Alexis calling her daughter crazy. 

And crazy is an understatement. 

Shortly after, Fallon crashes the eleven make-up birthday parties her mother decided to throw them by shooting up the place.

There's really no point to the scene other than to show that if you call Fallon crazy, she'll show you crazy. And she makes it known that there is no way she'll ever live under the same roof as her mother. 

Steven invites his mother over to his apartment, where he finally tells her that he's engaged. Alexis is thrilled until she realizes that his fiancee is Sam, Cristal's nephew. 

She has a pure hatred for the new Mrs. Carrington, understandably. 

When she arrives back at her trailer, Blake is inside waiting for her. 

He tells her his lawyer was able to prove that she coerced Thomas to sign the documents after his open heart surgery when he was still groggy, which means she doesn't get a thing. 

Meanwhile, Culhane has been avoiding calls from his mother and eventually, they called the Carrington Manor to tell him that his father is in the hospital. 

Shortly after, Anders tells Fallon that Culhane gave his resignation and when she heads over to his apartment, she finds her mother moving in. 

Apparently, the land around the Carrington Manor still belongs to Blake and co., but the apartment was deeded to her. 

Fallon confesses that she's the one who paid off an anesthesiologist to change the time on the documents to make it seem like Alexis took advantage of Thomas. 

She promises to destroy her mother but in a move that surprises her, Alexis promises to smother her in love until she finally begins to care about others. 

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Alexis: And you must be Fallon's friend.
Fallon: Actually, no. She’s the new Mrs. Carrington. You’d hate her and that’s my favorite thing about her.

Fallon: Did you invite her?
Blake: Why does everyone keep asking me that? I divorced her.