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After a whirlwind Thanksgiving, Cristal and Blake decide to have a baby. 

Or Blake decides he wants to have a baby and Cristal plays along with it while making sure her IUD protects her from any unwanted pregnancies. 

We get flashbacks to when she was still in Venezuela with her sister and find out she's been pregnant before. 

That time, she poor and living with Iris and her husband, who didn't want to support a child that wasn't his. 

When she leaves the doctor appointment, she finds that reality much closer as the "bad men" that she and Iris stole from leave her a note addressed to her real name along with fish heads. 

She brings the fish heads home where Anders finds her. He tells her he's not going to help her get the $300,000 that she owes but later changes his mind and accompanies her to the drop. 

The next morning, Anders has Cristal's medical records transferred to the family doctor and finds out that she's been lying about trying to get pregnant. 

Despite their "field trip," he tells Blake and she's forced to come clean about her past. 

At first, Blake is terribly upset that she lied but when she discloses the details of her first pregnancy and how she lost the baby after trying to stop Iris' boyfriend from abusing her, he offers sympathy. 

He proposes that they bring Iris to the US for the holidays. We later find out that isn't a sweet gesture but rather Blake trying to find out if there's more to the story that Cristal isn't telling him.

Fallon has settled back into the mansion and she's up to the usual: buying Christmas presents for clients, trying to befriend Kori and get over Culhane. 

She realizes that Sammy, who has expressed interest in her holiday gifts, is working for Blake and one-ups him by stealing his gifts and having him hand them out at the Annual Christmas party. 

When she finds out Culhane is breaking their tradition and taking Kori to the event, she invites Colby. 

She brings him up to "their" balcony where she finds Culhane and Kori hooking up. 

Upset that nothing is scared to him, she throws their clothes out and locks the door behind her leaving them stranded. 

Colby professes his feelings for her and eventually realizes that she'll only want him if he's just a hook-up. 

"Use me," he tells her before they get it on. 

Meanwhile, Kori realizes that Culhane still has feelings for Fallon and breaks things off with him.

Colby also teams up with Steven to help take down Stansfield. 

At first, Steven only hands over cases that cannot be connected to his family but when Blake threatens him if he doesn't stop digging, he tells Colby to look into Willy's murder. 

He summons Stansfield to try to get a recorded confession but Stansfield is a few steps ahead of him. 

He informs him of another death at the company caused by a faulty rig that was inspected by the boss' son. 

Matthew had information on it so Blake paid him off to make sure Steven wasn't held accountable. 

This takes a toll on Steven, who goes back into old habits like cocaine and questionable men. 

Colby decides to handle Stansfield himself. He offers him an "early retirement" on his island in the Bahamas but under one condition: his cousin Bobbi Colby becomes his replacement. 

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

What good is all the money Blake if you don't have the freedom to spend it or the family to spend it on?


You're in business my with my sister now. For our family that means more than marriage.