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Fallon gets a distress call from Stephen who is in Paris with a lost passport. 

She and Sam make their way across the world and ambush him at the family apartment. He says that he left Paraguay because he was falling apart. 

He said that his friend, George, who was living with him would love to meet them. Sammy was worried what this meant for their marriage. 

George flaked on the meal and then lied to Stephen about where he said it was. 

Fallon and Sammy worried that Stephen was making the whole thing up as a means of coping. 

In the end, they seemingly caught Stephen trying to hang himself. Stephen was put in rehab, and he and Sammy ended their marriage. 

George appeared again, said he was fake, before revealing himself as Adam. He sent Stephen to sleep with an injection. 

Back at the mansion, Alexis was in damage control mode, so she lied that Blake's friend was the one she saw at the stable. 

Cristal gave Blake the go-ahead to kill the man, and he was thrown into the river, never to be seen again. 

Alexis realized the net was closing in and started to get an alibi ready. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Sam: Wow. How do you say wow in French?
Fallon: Wow, and you say you don't know the language.

Cristal: Somebody shot at me.
Blake: It could have been an accident.