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After rekindling his romance with his ex-wife Alexis, Blake invests his time in replacing the cars he lost in the barn fire and ensuring that his entitled children don't get another dime out of him. 

Blake decides to buy Anders a gull-wing but finds his plans thwarted when Jeff Colby is revealed to be the other buyer in town. 

Knowing that Colby won't just sell him the car, he decides to race him for it. 

And by race, I mean they race toy cars on a track while other people bid on which toy car will win. 

The end result? Blake's car flies off the ramp and Jeff takes the W.

Blake tells Anders he wanted the cars because they reminded him of his childhood when the two of them would race together. 

Alexis is determined to prove that Mrs. Daniels pregnancy is fake. She believes she's only using Steven for the Carrington name. 

She enlists Sammy as her private investigator and when they find a plastic cast of a baby bump, they call Melissa out during a zen meditation night at the Carrington Manor. 

Alexis rips open Daniels' shirt only to find that the baby bump is real. 

Steven is furious with both of them. 

Fallon jets off to New York with fake fiancee Liam to secure the sale of Carrington Atlantic to Uncle Max. 

Meeting the family takes a wrong turn when Mora, straight out of the spa with a mild case of "exhaustion," publicly announces that she will sabotage the sale. 

Fallon holds her ground, but things take another turn for the worse when Uncle Max slips her a key to his penthouse.

She makes it a point to show him she isn't one of those girls leading Uncle Max to arrange a meeting with a competing oil company. 

Fallon realizes that in order to make the sale she must give Max what he wants. 

She reaches out to one of her high school friends, a prominent New York escort, and arranges a swap at the penthouse. 

Back in Atlanta, she attends Monica's club opening with Culhane where she has an uncomfortable and unexpected run-in with Dirty Kirby, Anders' daughter. 

Kirby weaseled her way in by befriending the Colby's and offering to help Monica plan her opening night.

When Kirby sees Fallon she instigates a fight that turns into a full-on brawl. 

Instead of believing her best friend, Monica takes Kirby's side. 

However, Fallon presses charges and Kirby is arrested for assaulting Fallon. 

Simultaneously, Fallon gets a call from the panicked escort who tells her Uncle Max got a heart attack and died after she gagged him.

Meanwhile, Cristal Jenning's, the woman who gave Cristal Flores a new identity, makes her way into the Carrington Manor pretending to be a nurse. 

She tells Blake that she was good friends with Cristal and shows him a locket with a picture of the two of them to prove it. 

She has a hunch that Cristal would have wanted her to help Blake and vice-versa. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Monica: And the fact that she almost burnt down Carrington Manor?
Jeff: It was a long time ago. Kids love playing with fire. People change.

She's not getting any money in the divorce so when she looks at Steven she sees dimples and dollar signs.