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The wedding day arrives, and Blake gets word that his loan has been bought by Alexis and Jeff.

They say they are taking the house as collateral and Blake fumes.

He tries to get a loan from Fallon who flips out as it's her wedding day.

In the end, she decides to leave the mansion to get married elsewhere.

Kirby goes to her room to get her shoes and Evan appears. He stabs her and takes her phone.

He arrives at the event and tries to kill everyone, but Blake tries to attack him and they are on the ground lifeless.

Alexis speaks with Dominique and they strike a deal to work together.

Anders schemes to get Adam caught but the drama kicks up a few gears when he finds Adam over Kirby's body.

Is she dead, or alive?

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Fallon:: What if my whole world is cursed? What if I peaked in high school?
Alexis: Fallon, you're spiraling, and it's not good for your worry lines.

If anything happens to her, I'll kill you.