Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Vows Are Still Sacred

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Have you picked your jaw off the floor yet?

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2 was one of The CW drama's finest hours yet, and it was all thanks to the plots moving forward in wild new directions.

This is going to be an excellent season.

Another Card - Dynasty

Fallon and Liam's wedding was never going to be a drama-free affair.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know their entire relationship has been embroiled in drama due to their families and people they have in their social circle.

It's been difficult for fans, but taking the wedding somewhere other than Carrington manor, actually made it feel more personal.

Evan showing up to ruin the day was hardly surprising. It was foreshadowed on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1, but at least we got to see Fallon and Liam's love burning bright one more time.

Where is Everyone? - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2

Elizabeth Gillies and Adam Huber are killing it, and it's no wonder the fans believe the relationship of their characters is believable. They bring a lot to the show, so let's hope Liam isn't the one in the coffin.

Fallon exiting the mansion was not a surprise. She had planned this beautiful wedding, only for her parents to have another very public squabble as all of the attention was on her.

We all know the one to blame here is Alexis because of how she and Jeff went about scheming to get the house, but Blake should take some of the blame because these actions are due to things he's said and done in the past.

Alexis managing to swindle the house from under Blake was not surprising. It will come to a point in which the roles would be reversed, and now that Blake is in financial trouble, it will change the narrative somewhat.

Adam on the Stairs - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2

There's no point in even contemplating his death at this stage. Yes, he had a nasty fall with Evan, leaving both of their fates up in the air, but the series would not kill Blake this soon.

Evan, on the other hand, is probably dead as a doornail. He was a deluded man who thought he could do whatever he wanted, and the net was always going to close in on him at one point.

Fallon:: What if my whole world is cursed? What if I peaked in high school?
Alexis: Fallon, you're spiraling, and it's not good for your worry lines.

Blake's heroic act will probably change the way Fallon thinks of him, but there seems to be a lot of tension for the father and daughter to unpack to have any semblance of a relationship in the future.

Their relationship has never been great, but this should help elevate it and turn Fallon against Alexis.

Alexis in Silver - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2

Then again, the wedding probably wouldn't have gone well at the mansion, what with poor Kirby getting knifed by Evan. Kirby had a lot of growth on Dynasty Season 3, but she would be a shocking character to be killed off.

She has a lot left to give, and the way the development segued into Adam finding her and Anders blaming him for trying to kill her was perfect.

Anders and Adam are never going to be friends, but there needs to be some relief in this tension for them both to remain in the orbit of the Carringtons.

If one of them has to go, my vote would be Adam. He's a one-dimensional villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 

Kirby Wedding Look - Dynasty

Alexis and Jeff are much better villains because they have layers. Adam has been spewing the same broken record since he arrived, and his attempts to outmaneuver his parents always seem to fall flat.

He can't match up to the name, and that doesn't bode well for his future. If we are getting rid of Adam, we need to bring Steven back to close that arc.

If anything happens to her, I'll kill you.


Alexis and Jeff scheming to take the manor was par for the course, but I thoroughly enjoyed the way they recognized their relationship was over. Their love was built on taking Blake down, and there was nothing else for them to conquer in the end.

Alexis and Jeff as a pairing came out of the left-field, but at least they actually accomplished something and knew when to call it quits.

The Wedding of the Year - Dynasty

I hope that they don't find themselves on opposing forces, and if Alexis starts warming up to Dominique, it will complicate matters.

Seriously, though, this show makes it difficult to know who is trying to get the upper hand on who, but if "Vows Are Still Sacred" is to be believed, Dynasty Season 4 could be shaping up as the best season to date.

I'm on the fence about Sam and Ryan. On the one hand, they're a cute couple, but on the other, they're never going to be able to trust each other.

Sam is wealthy now, but that wasn't always the case. We witnessed the lengths he went to for money earlier in the show's run, so it baffled me how much he was judging Ryan.

Dominique Returns - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

Ryan is definitely hiding something, but it may well be innocent that he doesn't want Sam to run for the hills.

If there truly is something here, Sam will have to get off his high horse and stop assuming Ryan is only with him for his money.

"Vows Are Still Sacred" packed more twists and turns than your typical Dynasty episode, and that's quite an achievement.

With the storylines headed in new directions, and several characters at death's door, it will be exciting to see what Dynasty Season 4 Episode 3 offers.

Blake on the Phone - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1

What did you think of the wedding?

Do you think Kirby or Blake is dead?

Will Fallon be closer to Blake now after the drama at the mansion?

How many phones will Blake break by the end of the season?

Hit the comments below.

Vows Are Still Sacred Review

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Fallon:: What if my whole world is cursed? What if I peaked in high school?
Alexis: Fallon, you're spiraling, and it's not good for your worry lines.

If anything happens to her, I'll kill you.