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Fallon has a dream of her and Liam having children.

When she wakes up, she goes on a mission of self-discovery.

She finds herself battling with a former friend over a horse.

Ultimately, she shoves her friend into the hay to win the bid.

Sam makes her think about her actions.

Ultimately, Fallon tells Liam she's thinking about kids, and he asks for some time away.

Faux Cristal tries to get Blake to sign over the company to Beto again.

She lies about big errors in the way the business has been worked out, and things take a turn.

Blake agrees to sign it over.

Faux Cristal says she is not done yet and wants to cause more drama first.

Alexis gets closer to Dex and wonders whether he's interested in her.

She asks him and he says there's a connection, but he wants to take it slow.

Amanda continues to battle with Adam.

Liam is pressing forward with his movie, while there's some drama for Dominique as someone snags her dress.


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