On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14, Steven covers for Sammy Jo after Ted's suicide attempt. Fallon and Culhane work together to bring down the Colby's.

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On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14, Steven uses Ted's suicide attempt to help his run for office. Cristal tries to cover-up her feelings for Rick, while Fallon and Culhane meet Jeff and Monica's father, Cecil.

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On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14, Cristal must cover-up an impulsive mistake that threatens to implode, while Steven finds himself channeling his darker side.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Blake: That's a nice arrangement, are you sure you didn't give her the whole story?
Cristal: No, just the tip.

Fallon: Why on earth would Jeff want to marry me so badly that he'd have Monica manipulate me into it?
Culhane: Marriage is the ultimate merger.
Fallon: Yeah, but everyone knows, Carrington's don't marry without a prenup.