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Dynasty may have moved to Friday night but the drama has remained. 

Fallon and Culhane have figured out that Colby and Monica are playing them. The question is, why does he want to marry her so badly? Culhane admits that marriage is the ultimate merger of assets but everyone knows the Carrington's sign ironclad prenups. 

But, if this isn't about money, what is it about?

It dawns on her that the one time she asked Colby for help exposing Cristal's sex-tape, he gave her a hard drive, which could have given him access to the Manor's private server.

She decides to send an email to Culhane as bait and sure enough, Colby takes it. 

Now the question is — how much dirt does he have on them?

They devise a plan to get into his servers during dinner with Cecil, who was recently released from prison. 

However, Colby is suspicious and thwarts all of Fallon's attempts at digging up dirt. 

This dinner means a lot to Colby, especially for his plan. He wants to prove to his father that he has one-upped the Carrington's and by marrying Fallon, is stealing everything from Blake just like he stole it from his father. 

Cecil, however, isn't into the idea of his son cozying up to the "devil's spawn."

Tensions arise and Colby has to put his foot down; he orders Cecil to get on his best behavior and apologize to Fallon for his outburst while in prison during dinner. 

Cecil refuses and Colby pulls the "this is my house" card, which shows the cracks in their foundation already. 

At dinner, Cecil tries to bite his tongue but seeing both his children suck up to Fallon disgusts him. 

He slams his dessert on the floor and goes off on Fallon, telling her all the horrible things Blake did to him. 

Colby is disappointed and Fallon flabbergasted. She vehemently denies that her father could be so cruel but as she thinks about it more, she realizes he's been lying her entire life. 

She eventually confronts him stating that shes' done with both him and Colby but now that he knows how deeply involved she was with his enemy, he won't allow it.

"You're going to marry him," he tells her, which isn't what any daughter wants to hear. 

Fallon isn't the only family member Blake is pimping out. When he realizes that Cristal and Rick had a "thing" he encourages her to get "as close to him as she possibly can" so he can find out what Colby's been up to. 

Cristal refuses based on moral grounds but it seems like her kiss with Rick wasn't completely innocent.

Steven and Sammy Jo found themselves in quite a mess when Ted jumped from their apartment window. 

Sammy Jo revealed he was an illegal immigrant and needed to be removed from the case as quickly as possible. 

Steven covered for him, telling the police that it was just him and Ted in the apartment. That would have been fine if Ted really had died, but unfortunately, the fall wasn't fatal. 

Steven knew he had to stay close by so he could protect Sammy. When the doctors wouldn't let him in because it was "family" only, Blake caused a scene accusing the nurse of denying a same-sex couple right. 

Not wanting to be labeled homophobic, they let Steven be by his "boyfriend's" side. 

Blake encouraged his son to use this tragedy as an opportunity to push his political agenda and win with the press. 

Although he hesitated, eventually Steven gave in. 

The press loved it but Ted's father didn't. He kicked him out of Ted's room, accusing him of being the reason Ted turned his back on his family and left the church. 

Steven realized Sammy's earring was in a bag of belongings the nurse gave his father so he went to the bathroom and used a syringe to pierce his own ear. 

Then, he went back into the room and pretended the earring was something he gave Ted in an attempt to bring his closer to God. 

His father was so touched, especially when Steven asked him to pray. 

And the power of prayer worked almost immediately because Ted regained consciousness. 

The nurse said that after such trauma, his memories may be altered, which Steven took pleasure in. 

Back at home, Steven told Sammy that despite his feelings for him, he was so close to winning and making a name for himself, he couldn't let anything get in the way of that. 

And since he just told the public he was dating Ted, he couldn't be seen with Sammy right away, especially since he was illegal. 

Sammy was left defeated but his story will move on with Anders helping him get a visa. 

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Blake: That's a nice arrangement, are you sure you didn't give her the whole story?
Cristal: No, just the tip.

Fallon: Why on earth would Jeff want to marry me so badly that he'd have Monica manipulate me into it?
Culhane: Marriage is the ultimate merger.
Fallon: Yeah, but everyone knows, Carrington's don't marry without a prenup.