Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14 Review: The Gospel According to Blake Carrington

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It's beginning to be a lot harder to keep up with all the secrets and agendas on Dynasty. 

On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14, much of the focus is on Ted's suicide attempt. A failed suicide attempt I should say because Ted is one lucky guy. He survived the fall and by the end even regained consciousness and was on his way to rehab in Indiana. 

Is that even possible? On a nighttime soap, anything is! 

Is He Dead? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14

Sammy Jo's involvement in what happened to Ted is going to open up the floor for the illegal immigration conversation. With Anders' help, we'll probably even see his process of going about getting a visa. 

That's one of the reasons Steven became so involved in Ted's case and lied to the cops about what happened. If Sammy's name came up in any regard, he would definitely be deported. 

I wouldn't last a day in prison. This face has "make me your bitch" written all over it.

Sammy Jo

That wasn't the only reason; Steven's feelings for his former roommate were a contributing factor.

Following the incident, Steven even offered to give "things" another try, and Sammy was into the idea because well, Steven is the best thing that's ever happened to him. 

Neither of them realized the magnitude of their feelings until something significant happened, and I didn't realize how much I loved them as a couple. They really complement each other. 

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Steven decided to run for office so he could finally do something good and get out from under his father's control, however, his whole political platform was based on a lie. 

Blake leaked the story to the press, and convinced Steven to use this tragedy to spin a story and gain political support. No matter how good of a person you are, it's hard to pass up such an opportunity. 

Family Dinner - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14

A word to the wise: maybe having a full-on discussion about your "plan" in front of the cameras isn't the smartest.

As Steven navigated the scandal, he slowly became the person he's been trying to avoid. 

He weaseled his way into Ted's room after Blake made a scene about the hospital denying same-sex partners visitation rights. It's a sight to see considering Blake is the furthest thing from an "LGBTZ" advocate. 

Blake: My son can't comfort a dying man, the love of his life, because of his sexual orientation? This is inexcusable. Not to mention disrespectful to all the gays. The whole LTBZ community.
Steven: Close enough.

But Steven never wavered, brilliantly convincing his father that he always tried to help Ted and lead him back to God. He really is cut out to be a politician, and he's definitely a Carrington. 

When Ted finally woke up, Steven was already in his father's good graces and whatever Ted said was being written off as a result of severe brain trauma. 

This wasn't the last we've seen of Ted, obviously. He'll get his memories back and return with a vengeance.

Until then, we're left with Sammy Jo's defeat following his breakup with Steven, who is "so close" to winning.

Fallon: Why on earth would Jeff want to marry me so badly that he'd have Monica manipulate me into it?
Culhane: Marriage is the ultimate merger.
Fallon: Yeah, but everyone knows, Carrington's don't marry without a prenup.

Ted did all of this because he was jealous of Sammy and Steven and he got what he wanted — them to split up. 

Fallon and Culhane were onto Colby, and even figured out that he bugged the house to spy on them in an attempt to dig up dirt. 

But without knowing his driving force, they didn't have much to go by.

A Dangerous Game - Dynasty

Their plan, along with Colby's, was thwarted when the recently freed Cecil had a complete meltdown at dinner. 

I'm talking plates flying, calling Blake a bastard, Fallon the "dirty daughter" and recanting all the reasons he wants to ruin him.

He basically gave away that his son was hoping to marry Fallon to stick it to her father.

The look on Colby's face was crushing. Not that what he's doing is right by any means, but can you imagine investing so much time into something and being so close, only to watch it blow up in your face?

How does he talk himself out of this one? 

Well go big or kill somebody trying. That's the Carrington way, right?


Cecil couldn't stand to see his son cozy up to the "devil's spawn," but even worse, he realized that the four of them — Fallon, Jeff, Monica, and Culhane — all have history and thus, a real friendship. 

Even if he doesn't know it, Colby has been compromised because he hasn't even considered the possibility that Fallon may be onto him.

Honestly, this has turned into such a mess; I'm not surprised Cecil wants to take the reigns and finish it himself.

Fallon was in denial at first, which was understandable. But to turn on Blake shortly after vouching for him was a bit much. Sure, Cecil probably said some things that were true, but I wouldn't put all my faith in him; he has his motives and wants to take down her father. 

Here's the Truth - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14

By the end, it becomes much bigger than just Colby and Fallon — both fathers are now using their children to take each other down. 

After Cristal abruptly kissed Rick on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13, I theorized that it was an agreement between her and Blake to keep the press on their side. 

I Blake Carringtoned myself before Blake had a chance to devise this slick plan. What does that say about me?

Blake invited Rick to dinner and kept complimenting him, which lead me to believe he was onto them. Even more so when Blake said he "hoped his wife did a proper job of thanking him."

But Blake could care less about some kiss, which Cristal still spun to say Rick initiated. Instead, he wanted her to get close enough to find out what Colby's agenda is.

Blake: That's a nice arrangement, are you sure you didn't give her the whole story?
Cristal: No, just the tip.

Yep, Blake is giving her the green-light to cheat, for a reason that helps the family, of course.

I don't understand why Cristal looked so "unhinged" and appalled that Blake would whore her out — it's definitely in his nature.

And if it would have benefited her, she would have done it in a heartbeat! 

Maybe she's scared because she does have feelings for Rick. If at any point you have to say "we have to stay away from each other," your in deeper than you initially thought. 

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The Gospel According to Blake Carrington Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Blake: That's a nice arrangement, are you sure you didn't give her the whole story?
Cristal: No, just the tip.

Fallon: Why on earth would Jeff want to marry me so badly that he'd have Monica manipulate me into it?
Culhane: Marriage is the ultimate merger.
Fallon: Yeah, but everyone knows, Carrington's don't marry without a prenup.