Fighting For Resources.  - East New York
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While riding with Sandeford, Bentley comes across his first dead body. It's a hedge fund manager named Oren Scoville. The brass wants this case closed ASAP because he was one of the richest people in the world, which annoys Regina. There is an unsolved murder in the projects that nobody is able to do anything about because of lack of resources but this guy gets special treatment. She's not having it.

Killian and Morales also aren't happy. They're forced to work with S Manhattan, whose lead detective is an arrogant SOB who is convinced that Scoville was the victim of a random robbery/homicide. Des goes as far as moving documents Killian and Morales were working on because he is sure they are wasting time, almost leading to a fistfight between him and Killian before Regina arrives on the scene to remind him her detectives have a right to investigate too.

While Killian and Morales investicate Scoville's connection to Isabel Valdez, a colleague who is from East New York, Regina asks Brandy to put some feelers out in the projects about the other case. A woman at the laundromat refuses to talk to Brandy and the guy she's with, Ray Ray, is openly hositle. Later, Brandy talks to the woman's mother, who is more open about what happened. Brandy sees the victim's father sitting nearby. When he indicates he is going to take matters into his own hands, Brandy calls Regina.

Regina is unable to convince the grieving father not to throw his own life and freedom away but has Sandeford and Bentley arrest Ray Ray. Meanwhile, Morales finds out there was a love triangle involving Isabel. She finds the other contender, Kevin Reese, at Isabel's apartment. He loses his temper and almost attacks Morales with a knife before being subdued and arrested.

Des still thinks this is a waste of time, but Killian and Morales are vindicated when Kevin confesses to the murder. Meanwhile, Hillian isn't sure he has the strength for a trial, but is grateful to Regina for helping him sleep at night and stopping him from shooting anyone.

East New York
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East New York Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Man: You ever lose a kid?
Regina: No, I haven't.
Man: You wake up in the morning and at first it's okay and then you remember what happened and the whole world turns upside down.
Regina: I'm sorry.
Man: You're sorry. You're busy. My boy is dead and it don't make a lick of difference to anyone.

Sandeford: You need to think of yourself as a self-contained unit. You need something, have that thing.
Bentley: Like what?
Sandeford: Bandages, tourniquets, tape measure...
Bentley: Why a tape measure?
Sandeford: Officer, how did you know he came at you with a 2 by 4. See? You need a tape measure.