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Michael leaves the body of Rachel Garner for Sherlock at their local support-group meeting site. FBI Special Agent Malick takes over the search for Michael. Hacker collective Everyone sends Joan a singing messenger indicating that William Bazemore is underwriting Michael. Bazemore thinks MIchael is innocent, and that they're both being prosecuted since they're addicts. Bazemore gave the money to his maid. Sherlock blames himself for Michael's latest murder. Michael turns himself in at the 11th Precinct and will only talk to Sherlock. Michael denies he murdered Rachel, and he's just there to help Sherlock. He leaves when Sherlock presses too hard. Joan suspects Michael may have killed Bazemore's husband Ray Michael credits himself for Sherlock's recovery. Michael said the person who killed Rachel was angry at her. Sherlock has Everyone track those who bought sobriety pendants in search of MIchael's hideaway. Captain Gregson gets a warrant to search the Albany house where Michael had been hiding. They find a darkroom full of photos of potential victims. A photo proved that Michael wasn't in New York City when Rachel was killed. So there's a copycat killer with inside information, because of the details. Joan confronts Bazemore about her theory that Michael killed Ray. No one involved in the investigation has any connection to Rachel. Gregson and Sherlock go to Rachel's office to search for clues. Someone had broken into Rachel's desk drawer. The judge who gave Gregson the warrant killed Rachel because she was sleeping with the judge's husband. She takes a plea. Michael breaks into Sherlock and Joan's mansion and attacks Joan because Bazemore had relapsed. She locks herself in an upstairs room. She stabs him with a helicopter blade when he breaks in, and he runs off. Malick calls to say the FBI found Michael's body, and they're arresting Joan.

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Agent Malick doesn't exactly play well with others.

Joan [to Marcus]

Is this just confusing because I haven't had my coffee yet?

Joan [to Sherlock]