Elementary Season 6 Episode 20 Review: Fit to Be Tied

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Michael may have gotten revenge on Sherlock and Joan on Elementary Season 6 Episode 20.

But he's no longer around to enjoy it.

A New Victim - Elementary

That was a wild turn of events.

Did anyone think Michael wouldn't be around for the season finale?

That was a bold move, taking out the season's big bad, then pinning the murder on Joan.

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It's been a hard year for Joan.

She always has to save Sherlock from his own worst impulses, and that became particularly important during Elementary Season 6, as he made a slow-ish recovery from post-concussion syndrome. She did all the research she could to speed that along.

Her mentally ill father died, and her mother is slipping into Alzheimer's. Her adoption effort has been going nowhere fast. It's a good thing her sister has been very supportive.

On top of that, there's Michael, a serial killer/addict, who is making a delusional effort to give Sherlock a string of murders to solve to keep him on the straight and narrow, recovery wise.

Nothing that Sherlock was dealing with was actually his fault, which wasn't necessarily the case in the past. Still, he blamed himself for the shit he tracked onto Joan's rug, so to speak.

Michael had proven himself to be Sherlock's equal this season. So a dead body dumped at the site of their meeting site was a little too on the nose.

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Yes, Michael was arrogant enough to place the body there as a kind of announcement, his way of proclaiming, "I'm back, bitches!"

But Michael hasn't remained uncaught all this time by being obvious. And this murder was pretty damn transparent.

Once Malick and the FBI took jurisdiction, it became the KISS school of investigation. If it looks like a horse, don't think zebra.

Like Sherlock, Michael took pride in his work, so he didn't want to get busted for a murder someone else committed. So he came out of hiding to proclaim his innocence, not that anyone, including Sherlock, was hearing him. And he seemed honestly hurt that Sherlock didn't understand him better.

Michael had killed 13 women, so it was impossible to feel sorry for him, but the right person needs to be charged for their crime.

Props to Everyone for their contribution to this case, especially the messenger singing "Private Eyes."

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Having the judge kill Rachel in a jealous rage and then implicate Michael was a fascinating twist, but it was not the biggest surprise of the episode.

While Michael was attempting to get out from under a crime he didn't commit, Joan found another that he did. Unfortunately, she suffered and will continue to suffer for her discovery.

Michael had a simple mission: to do what he considered best for his fellow addicts, whether they wanted his help or not. 

In Sherlock's case, this meant challenging his keen intellect. In Bazemore's case, this meant removing his husband Ray, who was dragging him down.

When Bazemore relapsed after Joan's revelations, Michael naturally came after her for ruining all his hard work.

Despite Michael's sneak attack, Joan more than held her own, especially after Michael got distracted by the shrine they had set up about his crimes, and she was able to get upstairs. She did some effective improvising with the chopper blade.

How can the FBI suspect her in Michael's death? Yes, she defended herself against him and wounded him severely. But she was undoubtedly in worse shape. And most of her time after Michael disappeared had to be accounted for, right?

Looking at the trailer for the finale, even Sherlock suspects her. How can that be?

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Did Michael just bleed out, and that's why Joan is getting arrested? It was self-defense, so that can't be it.

Did Michael find some way to commit suicide that pointed the blame at Joan? After all, his pattern is to eliminate those he sees as problems for his fellow addicts, in his own warped perspective.

OK, first up in Elementary Season 6 Episode 21 has to be finding Michael's actual killer. That has to be easier than arresting him for his crimes would have been.

Then the storyline of whether Marcus is leaving or not has to be concluded. Enough already.

I've given up on the Joan's-adoption storyline, which seems to have been dropped.

It will be fascinating to see what the new status quo is entering Elementary Season 7, whenever that airs.

To review before the finale, watch Elementary online.

Were you surprised by Michael's demise? Should Joan be charged? Should Sherlock blame himself? 

Comment below.

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