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Alfredo asks for Sherlock's help to steal $100,000. Two students fooling around in a biology lab find rats crawling over a dead professor. The dead man was biology professor Noah Fogle, who was poisoned. Joan suggested the poison was thallium. Sherlock finds amphetamines in the professor's desk. His drug dealer said Noah was buying more drugs, staying up late and working on a special project. A car dealer stiffed Alfredo for work he did, so Alfredo wants to rob him for the payment. Alfredo needs the money to bail out his brother Dante, who owes money to the wrong people. Sherlock wants out of the robbery. Joan tries to determine why Sherlock is upset by Alfredo's request. A security guard is distracted by fireworks and someone steals all the lab rats from the crime scene. They find the thief, who was burned by fireworks and went to the hospital. She's a geneticist who wants to win the $5 million Galahad Prize for developing immortality. Fogle's partner, Elijah Robinson, is found dead as well. Joan finds blood on the refrigerator. The blood belongs to a 15-year-old girl, Lacey Evans. She was selling her blood to Elijah, which he was selling to elderly people. Sherlock offers Alfredo $100,000, but he refuses it. Lacey recorded a fight between Elijah and Hugo Irving. Hugo said their research was unnatural. Hugo had an alibi for Elijah's murder. Sherlock took the check to Dante instead. He also reached out to Mycroft. Joan's theory is the murderer is an anti-science believer. Sherlock believes that Hunter Becket, one of the Galahad Prize founders, is that person, in hopes of regaining his fortune when his father dies. His blue fingernails proved it, as they were covered with the antidote for thallium. Sherlock finds out Mycroft died of a brain aneurysm months before.

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Might I suggest a good, old-fashioned witch hunt?

Sherlock [to Gregson]

Puppies are fine, sunsets are fine, this car is exquisite.

Alfredo [to Sherlock]