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Webcams Sherlock planted at Conrad's house were blacked out by Odin's technology. So Odin staged the deaths of Conrad and his parents. Sherlock's father Morland arrives to help them with Odin. Odin's latest target is Stewart Pringle, who is planning to blow up the drug manufacturer on whose pills his girlfriend overdosed. Pringle is actually Wilson Kubiak, bait created by Sherlock to lure Odin. Morland meets with Mrs. Tseng at her house farm. Sherlock captures Annie Spellman, who came to kill Stewart. Joan and Kubiak search her home. Annie had three other hits, and her assignments came through a web site. They also find her gun case. Joan identifies a scientist, Talia Vaccaro, who was one of Annie's victims. Sherlock wants to know who recruited Annie. Sherlock and Joan visit Talia's lab. Talia was in touch with the Heal the Wild animal-conservation group. Morland's efforts are getting Odin's company banned worldwide, unless Odin is forced out. Sherlock determines Talia was killed so Odin could buy her brother's company. Odin shows up at the 11th Precinct to talk with Sherlock. Odin wants him to step back so that he can continue to stop potential mass murderers. Odin says he wanted the brother's technology so he could better pinpoint murderers. Joan confronts Annie and tells her Odin is behind the vigilante operation. Joan leaves Talia's emails to prove she was an innocent. Morland has security on all of Sherlock's loved ones. Annie got involved because her school has gotten shot up. Odin helps Mrs. Tseng's government find dissidents. In return, she sets up Morland for Odin. Sherlock tells Gregson everything about Odin. Gregson plans to carefully set up an investigation against Odin. Marcus tells Sherlock that Morland was found murdered. 

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Elementary Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Reichenbach isn't the only person with friends in high places. And I would say mine are further up the mountain than his.


Battling global criminal enterprises is an area in which I have some expertise. Shall we attack him together?

Morland [to Sherlock]