Elementary Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Unfriended

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That was a mistake.

Sherlock's campaign against Odin's God complex cost him a loved one on Elementary Season 7 Episode 11.

Not just any loved one, but his father Morland.

Needing Help -- Tall - Elementary Season 7 Episode 11

Here I was hoping that the powers that be would find a way to resurrect his brother Mycroft, however unlikely that might be.

Instead they killed off Morland.

Heartbreaking News - Elementary Season 7 Episode 11

I wanted Sherlock to get a happy ending, and not more pain.

Maybe he'll get there by the time Elementary ends in two episodes, but this was really unnecessary piling on.

Sure, Sherlock and Morland's relationship has always been a rocky one, with Sherlock's sense of justice offended by Morland's flogging of international law.

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But, as Morland pointed out when last they spoke, he was always there for Sherlock.

He was the one who introduced Sherlock to the most important person in his life, Joan, and who gave him a new home and a much-needed fresh start in New York.

Yes, their prickly relationship worked best when they lived on separate continents, but deep down they loved each other.

Busy Director - Elementary Season 7 Episode 11

After all, following Mycroft's for-real death on Season 6 Episode 9, they were the only relatives that each other had. 

That's what made Morland's death particularly hard. Sherlock is now the last of his line (unless he has offspring out there from some one-night stand, something that can't be ruled out).

This promises to make him redouble his efforts to end Odin and his murder machine over the last two episodes.

It was good to see Morland, that king of the world, once again. He almost missed the party because he was too busy running his empire.

But he knew how much it took for proud Sherlock to reach out for help so of course he came when Sherlock called.

Their plan was a sound one, with Morland reaching out globally and Sherlock and Joan working locally.

The beauty of Odin's plan is that his soldiers have only met his lieutenants, not the commander in chief himself. He has all kinds of deniability.

Odin was starting to force the issue, however. The "murder/suicide" at Conrad's house was staged by Odin's people, just to prove his point to Sherlock and Joan.

Creating a phony potential mass murderer spewing hate online, Sherlock baited a trap that Odin couldn't resist.

The fact that the target was a pharmaceutical company peddling drugs made it that much more apropos for the recovering addict.

(Here's hoping Morland's death doesn't set Sherlock back. There's no time left for a relapse.) 

Odin's assassin being a third-grade teacher was a surprise.

Laboratory Visit - Elementary Season 7 Episode 11

Patrick Mears, a returning veteran having trouble adjusting to the homefront, made sense as someone who would be susceptible to Odin's enticement. A new battle to fight in, and all that.

But a teacher's path to becoming a vigilante wasn't nearly as clearcut.

Annie was a tough nut to crack, a convert who believed in his mission.

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That is until Joan proved to her that researcher Talia was an innocent, who was killed only because Odin wanted to scoop up a technology of Talia's brother to finetune his murder matrix.

It was only after Joan confronted Annie and left Talia's harmless emails that Annie figured out that she had been used.

As much as any soldier in a war zone, Annie was suffering from PTSD after her school was shot up and was looking for a way to protect herself and fight back.

Escaping Again - Elementary Season 7 Episode 11

Odin exploited this natural reaction.

So Sherlock finally had his witness, although she couldn't finger Odin. All she could do was discuss her role in the operation.

That's why he finally brought Gregson into the fold, since he and Marcus were the only two cops about whom Sherlock felt secure.

After his initial anger at being kept in the dark, Gregson grasped the enormity of this case and how careful he would need to be in building it.

Now to get Marcus on board as well. That's sure to be imminent.

While Sherlock was finding a chink in Odin's armor, Morland was being a titan of industry, targeting Odin's business by calling in favors all over the world.

Finally in the Loop - Elementary Season 7 Episode 11

This left Odin's own company on the verge of pushing him out.

Odin was convinced that he was saving thousands by killing dozens and appealed to Sherlock to step off.

Unfortunately, Sherlock was feeling cocky and didn't hear the veiled threat in Odin's approach.

And Morland ultimately paid for that decision.

It's a different world than Morland once ruled.

A tech mogul such as Odin can create unrest through social media, then turn around and provide information with which rulers can find the protest leaders

Guest Star - Elementary Season 7 Episode 11

In other words, it's more a world of data than contacts, making someone such as Morland antiquated.

Morland was very good at what he did in his time. But his time has passed.

That's why Mrs. Tseng had that sorrowful look on her face when she betrayed her old friend Morland because she knew her time also had passed.

So where does Sherlock go from here?

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Hopefully, he can channel his anger and proceed carefully, as Odin's guard is bound to be up.

What he needs is for an arrogant Odin to make a mistake and give them an opening.

It should come down to the four main characters against Odin. There's not time for guest stars.

Except Moriarty. There's always room for her.

To refresh your memory before the finale, watch Elementary online.

Were you surprised Morland got killed off?

What effect will this have on Sherlock?

How will Sherlock bring down Odin?

Comment below.

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